ACESS STEM Scholarships - 2015

This year, ACESS has received more contributions to its scholarship fund so it will awarding four scholarships to upperclassmen majoring in STEM fields at The University of Akron or Kent State University.

Members of the university faculty can nominate upperclassmen for these scholarships by sending one or more e-mails to on or before March 30, 2015 (the first day after Spring Break.) After that date, the ACESS Education Committee will review all the e-mails to select the awardees.

Nominees must be students majoring in a STEM field who are expected to be Juniors or Seniors during the Fall 2015 semester. Students that are in the second half of their Sophomore year during the Spring 2015 semester can be nominated since we can expect that they will be Juniors during the Fall 2015 semester.

Faculty nominations can be spread across multiple e-mails as long as the Subject Line of each e-mail shows the name of the nominee. Letters of support and other items can be attached to these e-mails. The Body of the first e-mail should show: (1) the name of the nominee; (2) his/her major; (3) expected graduation date; (4) student ID number; (5) e-mail address; and (6) local phone number.

Faculty members should be aware that FERPA grants students certain privacy rights to their data, so they should get the nominee's permission before mentioning sensitive items like the GPA, course grades, etc. To comply with FERPA, the ACESS Education Committee will delete all nomination data after it has determined the scholarship awardees.

Each nominee can add his/her own statement by sending it to on or before March 30, 2015 with his/her own name in the Subject Line. Click here for suggestions of what a nominee might want to include in his/her own statement.

  • Send e-mail to if you have any questions.
    K. E. Batcher, Chair of the ACESS Education Committee - 3/16/2015.