Internship Presentation

You need to prepare approximately a 15 minute formal presentation on your internship experience. The content may more or less parallel the content of the Internship Report if you wish. If you want to use a different format, that is also acceptable. The goal of the presentation is to give the audience as much feel as possible what it is like to be an intern, what you worked on and why an internship might be a good thing for them to consider. Make the presentation real. Include project materials that you worked on, documentation that you wrote, code samples, reports, printouts, data models -- anything that makes the work seem real.

You will be making the presentation either in a CS class or in a seminar at Kent. The delivery needs to be professional and it must be accompanied by slides in electronic form using Microsoft PowerPoint. The presentation will be placed on the department web site for students and employers to see.

After you are satisfied with the slides for your presentation, send the PowerPoint file to the Internship Coordinator. This may be done either before or after the public presentation, but obviously your grade for the course will not be posted until after the file is submitted.

When you are ready to make your presentation, attempt to schedule it with one of your CS professors. and then inform the Internship Coordinator, who will place the date on the presentaion schedule. If you cannot get a commitment from one of your professors, inform the Internship Coordinator, who will try to find a suitable opportunity. Remember however, that your presentation is not offcially scheduled until it shows up on the presentation schedule.

After you give your presentation and turn in the slides and the formal report, the Faculty Advisor and Internship Coordinator will meet to determine your grade. The Faculty Advisor is the person ultimately responsible for ensuring that your grade is reported to the Univesity.

Department of Computer Science
Kent State University
Last Reviewed: May 17, 2002