Land Use Permit

Application Procedure


Does Your Project Need a Land Use Permit? Assume the answer to this question is YES! There is practically no kind of construction, repair, remodeling or excavation work that is not covered by a Land Use Permit in Hamburg Township.

The Zoning Ordinance of Hamburg Township requires Land Use Permits to be activated before the commencement of the following actions:

Submittals Required

The following are basic items to be submitted for most projects. The Planning, Zoning, & Utilities Department may, at its discretion, require further documentation if deemed necessary.

*ADDRESSES The Planning, Zoning & Utilities Department assigns all addresses in Hamburg Township.

The Livingston County Building Department completes the actual building inspections required under the state construction building codes.

Building Permit (Link to Livingston County Building Dept.)

Livingston County Building Department

2300 East Grand River

Howell, Michigan 48843

(517) 546-3240

Septic and Well Permit (Link to Livingston County Health Department

Livingston County Health Department

Environmental Health Division

2300 East Grand River

Howell, Michigan 48843

(517) 546-9858




Soil Erosion or Grading Permit (Link to Livingston County Drain Commission)

Livingston County Drain Commission

2300 East Grand River

Howell, Michigan 48843

(517) 546-0040

Driveway or Culvert Permit (Link to Livingston County Road Commission at

Livingston County Road Commission

3535 Grand Oaks Drive

Howell, Michigan 48843

(517) 546-4250

Electrical and Plumbing Permits These are separate permits given out by divisions of the Livingston County Building Department (Link to Livingston County Building Department)


When your project is completed, you must contact the Planning, Zoning, & Utilities Department for a Final Zoning Compliance Inspection. The Livingston County Building department cannot issue a Certificate of Occupancy without this. Please allow at least five (5) days prior to closing for this inspection to be scheduled.