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Kent State's FlashLine Information

Get on the FlashLine at http://flashline.kent.edu!

Kent State University is pleased to launch Kent State's FlashLine, a Web portal for the university community. As we launch FlashLine (on August 2, 2003) all passwords for '@kent.edu' e-mail accounts will be changed. This will impact all students, faculty and staff.


Please send your questions about Kent State's FlashLine to flashline@kent.edu - questions and answers will be posted on the FlashLine FAQ page. You may also contact the Help Desk with FlashLine questions. The Help Desk can be reached at (330) 672-HELP (4357) or via e-mail at helpdesk@kent.edu.

For online tutorials to guide you throught FlashLine's exciting features, please click here.

For information about FlashLine 60-Minute Seminars (listed under "Information Services"), please click here.

To request printed copies of FlashLine "How-to" Brochures, (also downloadable from the links to the right) please send an e-mail to flashline@kent.edu including the title and quantity of brochures you need.              

The Faculty Professional Development Center in Moulton Hall will be providing additional assistance for faculty. They are available from 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday and can be contacted at (330) 672-2992.


For support at our Regional Campuses, please contact the technical support staff at your campus or phone the Help Desk at (330) 672-4357. The Regional Campus technical support staff has been working closely with Information Services in providing assistance with accessing FlashLine and answering questions about password changes.

What software (Internet browser) do I need to use FlashLine?

FlashLine is accessible from either a PC or Mac with an Internet connection, using Netscape 4.7 or higher (except Netscape 6.0) or Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. No additional software is required.

Where are my old e-mail messages?!

Your saved messaged from Webmail have NOT been deleted. They were moved to FlashLine's new e-mail system, although this migration is still in progress. Eventually, all user mail will appear in the appropriate mailboxes. Newly-sent mail is being delivered to FlashLine e-mail for all users. The migration to FlashLine's new mail system has been done this way to prevent an outage in mail delivery.

PLEASE NOTE: Please make sure that you are checking your e-mail within FlashLine.
(Webmail will NOT contain any of your old messages).

How do I access my migrated mail?

  • Log into FlashLine at http://flashline.kent.edu
  • Click the "Email" link
  • When the Email client launches, click "Subscribe"
  • If a "p" appears next to your folders, de-select it
  • Your old folder names will appear with the word "Inbox" in front of it

How can I get my new password?

Your new password will consist of information that only you would know. 

The format for your new ten-character password is: AMMMYYSSSS

  1. A = the first letter of your middle name. If you do not have a middle name, you have been assigned the character “x.”
  2. MMM = The second through fourth characters will be the first three letters of your birth month (e.g., April – apr).
  3. YY = the fifth and sixth characters will be the last two digits of your birth year.
  4. SSSS = the seventh through tenth characters will be the last four digits of your social security number.

For example, if an individual’s information is as follows:


Name: Chris A. Jones

Date of birth: November 2, 1971

Social Security Number: 123-45-6789

Then their new password would be: anov716789


NOTE: You will be immediately prompted to select a new password of your choice after you log-on with the password containing your characters from the formula described above.

Will my current user i.d. be affected?

No. Your user i.d. (user identification, i.e. cjones) will not be affected by the change in passwords.

Does this change affect Lotus Notes users?

No. This change will not impact Lotus Notes e-mail. All Lotus Notes e-mail users will continue to use Lotus Notes e-mail and their Lotus Notes password. If you are currently forwarding your '@kent.edu' e-mail directly to Lotus Notes, this 'forward' will continue to work without changing your Notes password. (In the future, Information Services will be providing tools to synchronize your Notes and '@kent.edu' passwords - stay tuned to this Web page!)

PLEASE NOTE! All users’ mail forwards to Lotus Notes (or other accounts) were migrated over when the accounts were switched to the new FlashLine system. So, if your “@kent.edu” mail seems to be getting delivered to your Lotus Notes without problems, you do not need to go out and check or change your forwarding in any way. If, however, you suspect that you are not receiving your mail, you may log into FlashLine and check to see that the forward is in place (instructions listed below). If you have problems logging into FlashLine, please contact the Help Desk at (330) 672-HELP (4357).


To forward your e-mail from your “@kent.edu” account to your Lotus Notes mail account using FlashLine:


  1. Go to http://flashline.kent.edu
  2. Log into your FlashLine account
  3. Open the e-mail program by clicking on the “e- mail” icon
  4. Click on the “Options” tab
  5. Click “Auto Forward”
  6. Enter your Lotus Notes e-mail address (userid@notesmail.kent.edu) in the “Auto Forward To” field – NOTE: If you already have a forward on your account, it will appear in the “Auto Forward To” field.
  7. Click “OK”

Upon completion of this process, you will be able to retrieve your Lotus Notes meeting invitations, etc. and your “@kent.edu” Internet mail within your Lotus Notes client.


Any outgoing Internet mail you send from your Lotus Notes client will have your “@kent.edu” e-mail address listed in the “From” field – you should continue to distribute it as your e-mail address. The “userid@notesmail.kent.edu” address should be used for forwarding purposes only.

How many characters should my NEW password include?

We recommend that your NEW Kent State's FlashLine password be made up of at least eight (8) characters. You may use any combination of letters or numbers. (NOTE: The system is case sensitive, so if you include a mixture of upper-case and/or lower-case letters when you create your new password, you will need to enter it the same way each time you log into Kent State's FlashLine.


your e-mail will be moved to Kent State's new e-mail system between Aug. 2 and Aug. 10. During this time, you may encounter any of the following:

  • Your e-mail is not accessible. This could happen for very brief periods on these days.
  • Your e-mail is accessible, but only new e-mail arrives. This will happen as we move old e-mail to the new system. Please note that this possible situation will be remedied no later than Aug. 10.
  • Should you require immediate access to your "old" e-mail, please contact the Help Desk at (330) 672-HELP (4357) or send them an e-mail at helpdesk@kent.edu for support.
  • Some users have experienced difficulties with single sign on to the Web for Students and/or Web for Faculty applications. If you are experiencing problems and need to access Web for Students and/or Web for Faculty and Advisors, please go directly to Web for Students (wfs.kent.edu), and Web for Faculty and Advisors (wffa.kent.edu) pages, and log in using the standard login procedure. Accounts are still in migration, please be patient.

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