Course: 33211 Fall 2003
Call Number: 18957 
Time: 1:45-3:00pm Tu Th Location: 121 MSB
Paul A. Farrell Office : 258
Phone : 672-9060 Mail address : farrell@cs.kent.edu
Office Hours : 3:15pm - 4:00pm Tu Th, and by appointment  
Grader: Seung-Su YangMail address: syang
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The goal of this course is to provide an introduction to the internal operation of modern operating systems. In particular, the course will cover processes and threads, mutual exclusion, CPU scheduling, deadlock, memory management, and file systems. If time permits, we may briefly examine networking and distributed computing, and perhaps other topics. Students will use the Nachos instructional operating system for several programming projects.

Course Syllabus:

If time permits we will also consider:


Abraham Silberschatz, Peter B. Galvin, Greg Gagne, Operating System Concepts. Sixth edition. Addison-Wesley (2003).

Additional References:

Andrew Tanenbaum, Modern Operating Systems, Prentice Hall.

William Stallings, Operasting Systems, Prentice Hall.

Harvey M. Deitel, An introduction to operating systems. Addison-Wesley.

Andrew Tanenbaum & Albert Woodhull, Operating Systems: Design and Implementation. Prentice-Hall.

Douglas Comer, Operating System Design - The XINU Approach. Prentice-Hall.

A.M. Lister, Fundamentals of Operating Systems. Macmillan (1979).

Nachos References:

Midterm Examination : 30%
Final Examination : 30%
Assignments (2 to 6) : 40%


Additional Requirements:

Students with Disabilities:

In accordance with University policy, if you have a documented disability and require accommondations to obtain equal access in this course, please contact the instructor at the beginning of the semester or when given an assignment for which an accommodation is required. Students with disabilities must verify their eligibility through the Office of Student Disabilty Services (SDS) in the Michael Schwartz Student Services Center.