List of Review Papers

ST: Advances in Internet Systems and Applications

IAD 2001, Fall

Performance Measurement:
Characterizing the scalability of a large web-based  shopping system; Martin Arlitt, Diwakar Krishnamurthy   and Jerry Rolia; ACM Trans. Inter. Tech. 1, 1 (Aug. 2001),  Pages 44 - 69. [HTML | PDF | PS]
Cache performance for multimedia applications; Nathan T.   Slingerland and Alan Jay Smith; international conference  on Supercomputing, 2001, Pages 204 - 217 (Barkeley performance analysis). [HTML | PDF | PS]
Analysis of the Delay and Jitter of Voice Traffic Over the Internet Mansour Karam (Stanford University), Fouad Tobagi (Stanford University), INFOCOM 2000 [ HTML | PDF | PS]
Content Delivery Network:
CDN Brokering, Alex Biliris, Chuck Cranor, Fred Douglis, Michael Rabinovich, Sandeep Sibal, Oliver Spatscheck, Walter Sturm, SWS2001 (a good description of overall content distribution nertwork, can be a good starting point for survey). [HTML | PDF | PS ]
Content Services Network: the Architecture and Protocols, Wei-Ying Ma, Bo Shen, and Jack Brassil. (good architecture), SWS2001, [HTML | PDF | PS ]
On the Placement of Web Server Replicas,   Lili Qiu (Microsoft Research), Venkata Padmanabhan (Microsoft Research), Geoffrey Voelker (University of California at San Diego) (good survey), INFOCOM 2001, [HTML | PDF | PS]
Joint Server Scheduling and Proxy Caching for Video Delivery, Olivier Verscheure, Chitra Venkatramani, Pascal Frossard and Lisa Amini, SWS 2001 (a partial cacheing suggestion with some analysis). [HTML | PDF | PS]
Fixing  IP/TCP/HTTP:
Energy-efficient Transmission over a Wireless Link via Lazy Packet Scheduling Balaji Prabhakar (Stanford University), Elif Uysal-Biyikoglu (Stanford University), Abbas El Gamal (Stanford University) (power issues in IP) [HTML | PDF | PS]
Optimizing TCP forwarder performance; Oliver Spatscheck,   Jørgen S. Hansen, John H. Hartman and Larry L. Peterson;   IEEE/ACM Trans. Networking 8, 2 (Apr. 2000), Pages 146  - 157 (an TCP appliance, might be interesting if you work in iTCP). [HTML | PDF | PS]
HTTP "Next Generation'',  Mike Spreitzer, Bill Janssen, W3C2000, (identifies some limitation of HTTP 1,1) [HTML| PDF | PS]
Multimedia Networking:
Report Of The Formal Verification Tests On MPEG-4 Content Based Coding (contains performance results on MPEG4) [HTML |PDF | PS | Word]
Task concurrency management methodology to schedule  the MPEG4 IM1 player on a highly parallel processor  platform; Chun Wong, Paul Marchal and Peng Yang; Proceedings of the ninth international symposium on Hardware/software codesign, 2001, Pages 170 - 177. [HTML | PDF| PS]
Adaptive Rate-controlled Scheduling for Multimedia  Applications; David K. Y. Yau and Simon S. Lam; Proceedings of the fourth ACM international conference  on Multimedia, 1996, Pages 129 - 140. [HTML | PDF | PS]
Differentiated Multimedia Web Services Using Quality Aware Transcoding:   Surendar Chandra (Duke University), Carla Ellis (Duke University), Amin Vahdat (Duke University), INFOCOM 2000 (talks about still image and HTML rate xcoding). [HTML | PDF | PS ]
An Interactive Video Delivery and Caching System Using Video Summarization, Sung-Ju Lee, Wei-Ying Ma, and Bo Shen, SWS 2001. (a complete system implementation experience, with automatic video summary mechanism. Will enjoy if you are interested in xcoding). [HTML | PDF | PS]
New Web Systems/ Applications Technology:
Map Adaptation For Users Of Mobile Systems,   Dan Chalmers, Morris Sloman, Naranker Dulay, W3C 2001. (User modelling). [HTML | PDF | PS ]
Seeing the Whole in Parts: Text Summarization for Web Browsing on Handheld Devices, Orkut Buyukkokten, Hector Garcia-Molina, Andreas Paepcke, WWW2001, [HTML | PDF | PS ]
Knowledge Encapsulation for Focused Search from Pervasive Devices,  Yariv Aridor, David Carmel, Ronny Lempel, Yoelle S. Maarek, Aya Soffer. W3C2001. [HTML | PDF | PS ]
Conceptual Linking: Ontology-based Open Hypermedia,   Leslie Carr, Sean Bechhofer, Carole Goble, Wendy Hall, W3C 2001 (How to generalize current hyperlink?). [HTML | PDF | PS]
Internet Security:
A public-key based secure mobile IP; John Zao, Joshua  Gahm, Gregory Troxel, Matthew Condell, Pam Helinek, Nina  Yuan, Isidro Castineyra and Stephen Kent; Wireless  Networks 5, 5 (Oct. 1999), Pages 373 - 390 [PDF | HTML] (good paper, build on X.509 for mobile environment). [HTML | PDF | PS ]
Protecting web servers from distributed denial of service attacks; Frank Kargl, Joern Maier and Michael Weber;  Proceedings of the tenth international World Wide Web conference on World Wide Web, 2001, Pages 514 - 524, [HTML | PDF | PS ]
Network support for IP traceback; Stefan Savage, David  Wetherall, Anna Karlin and Tom Anderson; IEEE/ACM,  Trans. Networking 9, 3 (Jun. 2001), Pages 226 - 237. [HTML | PDF | PS ]
Advanced Topics: Meta Protocol, Active & Programmable Networks
Service specification and protocol construction for the  transport layer; S. L. Murphy and A. U. Shankar;   Symposium proceedings on Communications architectures and protocols, 1988, Pages 88 - 97 (ACM key work communication protocol). [HTML | PDF | PS ] (disucsses four formal models for specifying transport protocols. useful in iTCP and MTO formalism research).
Communication protocol design to facilitate re-use based  on the object-oriented paradigm: Andrew A. Hanish and   Tharam S. Dillon; Mob. Netw. Appl. 2, 3 (Dec. 1997),  Pages 285 - 30. (Talks about formal methods to sepcify the design of protocols, such as petri net etc. good seed article for MTO protocol and meta protocol researech) [HTML | PDF | PS]
Brian Storming: Space Communication:
TCP extensions for space communications; Robert C.  Durst, Gregory J. Miller and Eric J. Travis; Wireless  Networks 3, 5 (Oct. 1997), Pages 389 - 403 (seed articile for survey). [HTML | PDF | PS ]