Upcoming Internetworking & Web courses at KSU/CS
Document last updated: Sept 7 1998
If you are interested in dissertation or thesis (or if you are an undergrad and wants to specialize) and want to pick Internet based systems, applications or networking as your future area here is some advance information for you.  Following is a list of upcoming courses at KSU/CS which you may find exciting and useful. if you want to get involved in Internetworking,  plan your semesters accordingly so that you can avail  most of them (or atlest the foundation courses).
Course Description Next/Last Offering*
CS 6/79995
Advances in Internet  Applications & System Design
Advanced engineering issues of Internet and Web Engineering. It will focus on the next generation technologies and will initiate students to the exciting new research frontier of Internetworking.  Next Fall 
CS 4/55231
Internet Engineering
A foundation course on how Internet works. Will explain the design and mechanisms behind todays internet. You will also learn to design your own web server and browser. 
*If you are planning to take this course dont forget to take the CS 4/55201 Computer Communication Networking course in Fall 99.  
Next Spring
CS 4/55201
Computer Communication Networks
This course will provide you the basic foundation of computer data communication and networking. Also a foundation course. Every Semester
CS 4/57105
Web Design & Programming
Art and science of content development. An exciting cross-departmental course for serious content designers. Spring

CS 6/79995
Wireless & Mobile Networking
Wireless Systems
Next Summer
Java with OOP & Web Applications
It will give you a solid foundation in Java, a portable object oriented programming language, ideal for Web applications development.

*Note: These listings are unofficial. You may want to double check with the department course schedule for changes.