SUMMARY: Special Issue on Foundations of Peer-to-peer Systems

Index Manuscript# Title Authors Sequence Presenter Topic Rating

VOLUME 1: Foundation of Peer-to-Peer Computing

585 COMCOM-D-06-00360 Measurement and Analysis of Hybrid P2P Overlay Network Topology Yi Pan, Ph.D 1   1THEORY

562 COMCOM-D-06-00389 Bandwidth Trading in Unstructured P2P Content Distribution Networks - extended version - Kolja Eger 2   1THEORY

577 COMCOM-D-06-00374 Global Stability of Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Systems Dongyu Qiu, PhD 3  ZHURLOV 1THEORY

550 COMCOM-D-06-00403 Stochastic Analysis of the Interplay between Object Maintenance and Churn Di Wu, PhD 4   1THEORY

557 COMCOM-D-06-00396 A Connection Management Protocol for Promoting Cooperation in Peer-to-Peer Networks Ibrahim Korpeoglu, PhD 5  SAGAR 2SOCIALENG ***

544 COMCOM-D-06-00448 Bandwidth Allocation in BitTorrent Like Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Networks Andres Hervas-Drane 6   2SOCIALENG

556 COMCOM-D-06-00397 Secure content access and replication in pure P2P networks Esther Palomar 7  REZA 2SOCIALENG *

503 COMCOM-D-06-00514 On the Usefulness of Consistent Hashing in Structured Overlay Networks Thorsten Schuett 8   3SEARCH-ST

531 COMCOM-D-06-00482 Scalable Blind Search and Broadcasting over Distributed Hash Tables Eunsoo Shim, Ph.D. 9   3SEARCH-ST

576 COMCOM-D-06-00375 Efficient File Search in Non-DHT P2P Networks Zhan Zhang, Ph.D 10   3SEARCH-UN

571 COMCOM-D-06-00380 A Dynamic Routing Protocol for Keyword Search in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks Cong Shi 11  RIZAL 3SEARCH-UN ****

533 COMCOM-D-06-00480 Partial Read from Peer-to-Peer Databases Farnoush Banaei-Kashani, PhD Candidate 12  VICTOR 3SEARCH-UN *****

532 COMCOM-D-06-00481 Hierarchical Multidimensional Search in P2P Networks Duc A Tran, Ph.D 13   3SEARCH-UN

523 COMCOM-D-06-00492 Proposed Skip Tree Graphs as new data strcture- which has logarithmic search, insertion and deletion and also more efficient for range queries. Alejandra Noemi Gonzalez Beltran 14   3SEARCH-UN

599 COMCOM-D-06-00573 Comparison of Image Similarity Queries in P2P Systems P. Oscar Boykin 15   3SEARCH-UN

559 COMCOM-D-06-00394 A P2P Application Framework James Walkerdine 16   4MIDDLEWARE

506 COMCOM-D-06-00511 Overlay Weaver: An Overlay Construction Toolkit Kazuyuki Shudo 17   4MIDDLEWARE





VOLUME 2: Disruptive Networking and Peer-to-Peer Paradigm

543 COMCOM-D-06-00449 Scalable tag search in social network applications Alberto Mozo, PhD 18  SAGAR 5OVERLAY-PUBSUB ****

538 COMCOM-D-06-00468 SPICE: Scalable P2P Implicit Group Messaging Daniel Cutting 19   5OVERLAY-PUBSUB

568 COMCOM-D-06-00383 Exploiting Parallelism in the Design of Peer-to-Peer Overlays Mario Kolberg, Ph.D. 20   6OVERLAY-MC

546 COMCOM-D-06-00432 Scalable multicasting with network-aware geometric overlay ENG KEONG LUA, PhD 21   6OVERLAY-MC

583 COMCOM-D-06-00366 Multicast Algorithms in Service Overlay Networks Dario Pompili 22   6OVERLAY-MC

549 COMCOM-D-06-00406 Robust Video-on-Demand Streaming in Peer-to-Peer Environments Tai Do 23   7OVERLAY-MM

511 COMCOM-D-06-00505 DirectStream: A Directory-based Peer-to-Peer Video Streaming Service Yang Guo 24  ZHURLOV 7OVERLAY-MM **

570 COMCOM-D-06-00381 Minimum Intermediate DVS Sender Deployment in DVS-based Overlay Streaming Sang-Seon Byun 25   7OVERLAY-MM
565 COMCOM-D-06-00386 An Optimal Discrete Rate Allocation for Overlay Video Multicasting behzad akbari, PhD Candidate 26   7OVERLAY-MM

580 COMCOM-D-06-00371 SecureStream: Techniques for Building an Intrusion Tolerant Live Streaming Dissemination System Maya Haridasan 27  REZA 7OVERLAY-MM *

521 COMCOM-D-06-00494 On Hierarchical DHT Systems - An Analytical Approach for Optimal Designs Stefan R. Zoels, Dipl.-Ing. 28   8ARCH

522 COMCOM-D-06-00493 CBT: A Proximity-Aware Peer Clustering System in Large-Scale BitTorrent-like Peer-to-Peer Networks Jiadi Yu 29   8ARCH

535 COMCOM-D-06-00473 Stochastic maintenance of routing in structured P2P systems Peter Kersch 30   8ARCH

510 COMCOM-D-06-00506 Emerging structures of P2P networks induced by social relationships Vincenzo Nicosia 31  VICTOR 8ARCH *****

601 COMCOM-D-07-00285 Computing with Data non-Determinism: Wait Time Management for Peer-to-Peer Nodes Asrar Haque & J Khan 32   8ARCH

505 COMCOM-D-06-00512 Designing Structured Peer-to-Peer Overlays as a Platform for Distributed Network Applications in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Thomas Zahn 33  RIZAL 8ARCH ****