Internet-based Advanced Application & System Design 
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Fall 2004
Department of Math and Computer Science
Kent State University
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FALL 2004

4:45-6:00 pm MW


Welcome to the course site. This is a special topic course for students who are interested to know about the emerging technologies surrounding the Internet. The objective of this  course is to initiate students with the current challenges and the exciting future directions of the Internet Technology. This course is offfered once in every two years, and every year it has changed dramatically with the advancement in the field.

You may want to read the following two articles to get some idea of the directions to be covered in the class:

The four main theme of 2004 Fall course will be:

  • Internet Appliances: Content networking, building high performance server, proxy and cache infrastructure.
  • Peer-to-Peer Computing: Audio/ video, mobile and realtime applications.
  • Security in Networked Systems: threats, public key/ private key theory, and systems on them.
  • Ubiquitous and Mobile Internet: Multimedia and routing protocols.


This open forum class will involve  review of latest advancments in the area. For each of the themes, I will first present the foundation lectures.  It will be followed by reviewing and critical reading of seminal papers. Each student will read 2-3 papers and make a class presentation.  Each will also prepare and present a survey term paper. A set of suggested open topics will also be given. For lucky ones these projects can lead to  thesis/dissertation research. 

*Permission is not needed to register if you meet the prerequisite.

    • If you are fascinated by Web, want to know in-depth about it, and curious about its inner design and working mechanisms, into its current limitations and its future directions.
    • If you want to participate in the development of the future internet.
    •  If you plan to build internet based applications/ servers/ browsers/search engines.
    • If you plan to enter in a serious internet based systems development job.
    • If you want to do /thesis/dissertation/research on networking, internet, distributed systems or web technology.
    • If you plan to do a project/thesis/dissertation in any other field (Math, CS, business ad, fashion design, psychology, physics, etc.) but want to connect your work with Internet.
    • If you are looking for a thesis topic.
    If you are even slightly interested in this course feel free to contact me.


    Dr. Javed I. Khan
    217 MSB, Computer Science Department 
    For current office hours see my webpage. 
    Phone: 330-672-9038 Email: javed@kent.edu

    Text Book and Reference Materials:

    The course will use a set of selected online papers and articles, These will be made available to all the students via digital library.  Besides, the following books will be used as reference:

    Sample topics you will learn in this course:

    A. Internet Real-Time and Multicast Services 
    • IP4, IP6, Internet2, Abiline, vBNS
    • Internet routing and multicast routing
    • Properties of real-time services and support 
    • Resource reservation, scheduling and transport
    • Streaming audio and video 
    • Conference control and web telephony 
    • Performance evaluation
    B. Server-Client Design, WWW and its extensions 
    • Curremt & Future WWW technologies: HTTP1.1, HTTPng,URLs 
    • Designing server client systems
    • The web as universal front-end (cgi, database integration, CORBA)
    • WWW performance and scaling problems
    • Web cache systems
    • Web models: certificate, secure link, future secure virtual subnets. 
    • Transparent Web crawling and information gathering
    • Digital library, Search engines, content- based multimedia search.
    • Internet  Security: encryption, SET, digicash, wallets & certificates

    Programming skill in C or C++ is required. 
    Background in Operating Systems and Computer Networks, CS4/5995 Internet Engineering, CS4/55201 Computer Networking will help greatly. Experience in HTML and Java is not an absolute necessity. 
    If you have questions email me.

    Interested Undergraduate:

    Interested advanced undergraduate students will be permitted to register provided you have taken the CS4/55201 Computer Networks or CS4/5201 Computer Operating Systems. You will be responsible for self reading of Chapters 1-3 of reference book Web Server Technology.