CS 7/69995 ST: Foundations of Peer to Peer Systems
   Spring 2010, Department of Computer Science
Kent State University
Page last updated: Februaly, 2010

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As we progress through the class you will find pdf versions of your assignments/ projects here.

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Take Home Assignment #1 SEPT 17

Take Home Assignment #2

Take Home Assignment #3

Mid Term Exam

Critical paper Review & Presentation-1
As scheduled.
Critical Review Portal
Critical Paper Review & Presentation-2
As scheduled.

Survey Paper

Survey Preparation Portal

MiniTorrent Project Phase#1
Project Introduction
MiniTorrent Project Phase#2
MiniTorrent Architecture
Final Exam
Project Worksheet
Project Phase#3 (optional)

* All assignments and project reports are due at the begining of the class on the due date.
* All project programs are due at 11:59 pm before midnight on the due date.
* Late submissions are subject to 10% penalty per day.