Fast Connections Compared
April 22, 1999, Condensed from ZDNET SURVEY
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Service provider Installation cost Monthly cost Download speed Upload speed Always on Requires phone line User can receive calls while line is in use Limit-
User can choose ISP Best use 
56K analog For phone line, local phone company; for service, independent ISP Up to $25; modem provided by user $19 (plus cost of phone line) 56 Kbps or less (depending on local line condition)  33.6 Kbps No Yes No None  Yes Residential
ISDN For phone line, local phone company; for service, independent ISP $100-$300 (varies regionally) Phone line, $19-$50 (plus per-minute usage charges in some areas); ISP, $19-$39 64 Kbps or 128 Kbps 64 Kbps or 128 Kbps No  No Yes  Must be within 19,000 feet of central office Yes Residential or business
ADSL Local phone company, or choose among competitive local and interexchange carriers $100-$500; modem, up to $610 $39-$840 (may not include Internet connection) 144 Kbps-8 Mbps 144 Kbps-1.7 Mbps Yes Yes Yes Must be within 20,000 feet of central office; speed varies with distance Yes Residential or business
Cable modem Local cable operator, often acting as agent for a national cable provider Up to $175; modem, up to $349 $39-$49 (includes Internet connection) 384 Kbps-4 Mbps 128 Kbps-4 Mbps Yes No Yes Must have cable TV available No Residential or small-
DirecPC satellite DirecPC (Hughes Electronics, a division of GM) $300-$800 $29.99-
$129.99 (plus analog phone line and modem)
400 Kbps  33.6 Kbps Yes (for down-
load only)
Yes Yes (except when upload-
Requires outside antenna No*  Residential
Fixed-point wireless
Advanced Radio Telecom, NextLink Commun-
ications, Teligen, WavePath Commun-
Negotiated according to services used Varies (services can include telephone, intranet, remote access, VPN) Residential, up to 4 Mbps; business, generally up to 1,555 Mbps Varies Yes No (may provide phone access) Yes (except when chosen as phone service) Requires outside antenna Yes Business

(Kbps) H
ANALOG V.90      
Concentric Network, San Francisco 20.9 $19.95 $977
@ Home, Fremont, CA 222.8 $39.95 $184
@Home, Sarasota, FL 434.9 $39.95 $94
MediaOne, Arlington, MA 263.6 $39.95 $155
MediaOne, Atlanta, GA 532.8 $39.95 $77
MediaOne, Boxford, MA 613.1 $39.95 $67
MediaOne, Elmhurst, IL 581.9 $39.95 $70
Optimum Online, Westport, CT 383.0 $39.95 $107
Bell Atlantic, Leonia, NJ  406.8 $59.95   $151
Bell South, Atlanta, GA  534.5 $59.95   $115
Brainstorm / Covad, Foster City, CA   84.5 $90.00 $1,091
Sirius / Covad, San Francisco, CA  140.6 $149.00 $1,085
DirecPC, Tampa, FL  223.2 $49.99   $229
* Based on monthly service charges.