Education: Distance Learning 
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Education: Distance Learning
Irish Space Project
An interactive space adventure for the children of Ireland, conceived, executed, and delivered in under three months. 
Mars Pathfinder Landing Site
This is an interactive VRML 2 model of the Mars Pathfinder Landing Site showing a rough estimate of Sojourner's traverse & current position. 
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Education: Teaching Application
Hot Mix!
Explore the interactive 3D guide to Silicon Graphics software partners. 
Interactive Furniture Assembly
Put together your own furniture with this fine "assembly demo" from Holland - No Dutch required! 
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Education: Virtual Campus
Student Genome Project
Wander around this award winning virtual campus, complete with, uh, sheep and other university oddities. 
College Net Log
Here is a beautiful 3D logo, complete with sound from College Net. Go ahead and check it out. Afterwards, poke around the College Net site to find virtual college campuses. 
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