Research Profile of Javed I. Khan


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Khanís research team specializes in applying multi-area expertise in cross-cutting problems in networking and communication. His lab is currently working on network based systems, next generation network architecture, cross-layer communication, semantic design & composition, complex community, active & programmable networking, perceptual video transcoding MPEG. In next generation architecture Dr. Khanís team is looking into dynamical model based routing with non-stationery infrastructure components with application in space and mobile communication. He is also looking into forms of n-n asynchronous communication with application in future flat core network architecture to peer-to-peer computing. His team has also worked on video/ image database, complex system exploration and visualization, content-based image search, associative information retrieval, medical imaging, holographic associative memory, fault-tolerant parallel algorithms.


His cross-area research has been funded by US Defense Advanced Project Agency, National Science Foundation and State of Ohio. His research on active and event interactive networking and perceptual multimedia has been funded by US Defense Advanced Research Project Agency. His projects on multi-sensory information fusion have been funded by National Science Foundation.  His work on semantic design and composition has been funded by National Science Foundationís digital library initiative. He has also worked at NASA Glenn for space communication team on dynamical model based routing. He has also worked on Perceptual Multimedia and non-verbal communication with Wright Patterson Air Force Research Lab (WP-AFRL) with Human Effectiveness Division.


He is member of ACM, IEEE and Internet Society. He has authored 100+ reviewed publications, served as editor for 100+ journal articles in his area, as panelist in national panel on next generation communications. Khan is also active in international technology collaboration and serves as Fulbright Senior Specialist on high performance higher education networking and digital divide. He has successfully advised World Bank on investing in research and education networks (REN) for sustainable national development potentially making a dent in the growing digital divide. Dr. Khan has received his MS & PhD from University of Hawaii at Manoa and B.Sc. from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET).  He was also a OG Doctoral Fellow at East West Center at Hawaii. More information about Dr. Khanís research can be found at



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