Artificial Intelligence

Homework #1

Survey, Python, Talking to Teddy Bears, and the Turing Article

Due: January 23, 2006 by 23:59:59

  1. Send me an email and tell me a little about yourself.  (Put all of your answers for this homework assignment in the email message)
    1. Name and email address
    2. Your current class rank (e.g. Junior, Senior, 1st Year Graduate Student, etc.)
    3. Briefly describe your Computer Science background and experience
    4. Briefly describe your Artificial Intelligence background and experience ("none" is OK!)
    5. How familiar are you with the following languages (to give me an idea of what computer languages people know)
      1. C/C++
      2. Java
      3. Perl
      4. Lisp/Scheme
      5. Prolog
      6. Python
      7. Other (please list)


  2. Download the current version of Python to your machine.  If you are using the department's servers, using your own Linux installation, using Mac OS X, or have already done this then you may skip this step.  Check out for the latest version and documentation.  Whether you installed it on your machine or you skipped this question, write the word DONE! for your answer.
  3. Have a ten minute conversation with the A. I. Teddy Bear.  Record (what you consider) five "interesting" questions and answers.  Please keep this to *rated G* type questions!  (But have fun with it!)
  4. Please read the article by A. M. Turing titled "Computing Machinery and Intelligence", Mind Vol. 49, 1950, pp. 433-460.  In the same email message used for question 1 above, answer the following questions:
    1. What is Turing's main point?
    2. In the article, Turing presents several arguments against his thesis.  What are they and how does he respond?
    3. Do you agree with Turing's proposal?  Is the test that he suggests adequate to answer the question, "Can machines think?"