Third Workshop on Massively Parallel Processing (WMPP)

Saturday 26 April 2003 at the

International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium



Message from the General and Program Chairs

Welcome to the THIRD Workshop on Massively Parallel Processing!

This year's workshop builds on the success of the First and Second Workshops on Massively Parallel Processing, held as part of IPDPS'01 and IPDPS'02. The first and second workshops featured invited keynote talks by Peter Kogge of Notre Dame, and David Bader of the University of New Mexico, respectively. Each workshop had around 10 papers, and following the usual practice at IPDPS, all papers were published with the paper abstracts in a hardcopy volume and the complete paper in an accompanying CD-ROM.

As you can see from the schedule below, the workshop has grown to 15 papers this year, and features an invited keynote talk by Thomas Sterling (Cal Tech and JPL) that reflects recent new initiatives by Caltech, Cray, and other institutions under the DARPA High Productivity Computing Systems Program.

We hope that you enjoy the workshop!


Session 1 (Opening Session) -- 8:00-9:10
(Session Chair -- Johnnie Baker, Kent State University)

Break -- 9:10-9:25

Session 2 (Architecture) -- 9:25-10:05
(Session Chair -- David Andrews, University of Kansas)

Break -- 10:05-10:30

Session 3 (Architecture) -- 10:30-12:05
(Session Chair -- Robert Walker, Kent State University)

Break (lunch on your own) -- 12:05-1:30

Session 4 (System Management in MPP) -- 1:30-3:10
(Session Chair -- Jie Wu, Florida Atlantic University )

Break -- 3:10-3:40

Session 5 (Algorithms and Models for MPP) -- 3:40-4:30
(Session Chair -- Johnnie Baker, Kent State University)

Post-Workshop Wrap-up & Planning for Next Year -- 4:30-5:00

(*) = short presentation (15 minutes)

Workshop Organizers

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