Short Bio

Peyravi Dr. Peyravi is Professor of Computer Science at Kent State University. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from School of EECS at the the University of Oklahoma. He was a Member of Technical Staff with the Chief Architecture Group at AT&T Bell Laboratories in New Jersey, participated in design and development of broadband ISDN networks and the Internet backbone. His research focuses on theoretical foundation of communication systems for various network systems including interconnection networks for large scale parallel processing and data center networks, wireless mesh networks, optical networks, and the Internet, traffic management, systems modeling and performance evaluation. His research has been supported by NASA Space Communication Division to design, study and evaluate media access control protocols for the Mars regional network, by the NSF and CAIDA (Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis) to study traffic management in IP routers, by the Internet2 Technology Evaluation Center (ITEC) to study QoS provisioning and traffic management in IP networks, and recently by the Cisco Systems in cyber security. He has served as a member of the executive committee for the Internet2 Technology Evaluation Center, and a member of the program committees for several international conferences. He has participated in the review process of numerous journal articles for computer and communication societies including IEEE, ACM, Elsevier, Springer, SCS, SIGCOMM, and SIGSIM. He has served on numerous NSF panels and several academic review boards.
H. Peyravi