Example List

In the City of Canton, the real estate tax rate is 3.5 mils (thousandths, i.e. 0.0035). What is the tax on a house valued at $80,000.00 and an adjoining property valued at $110,000.00? p.22

If Tom earns $5.71 an hour, Dick makes $6.34 and hour and Harry gets $5.97 an hour, how much did they make this week if in additon to their normal 37.5 hour week, they each put in 6.75 hours of overtime. Tom, Dick and Harry get $8.46, $9.34 and $9.22 respectively for overtime. p.29

An employee receives a 20% discount. What is the final cost of an item that retails for $22.95? p.34

A department store takes an item that costs $32.50 at wholesale and retails it for $50. What is the percent of the mark up? p.36

A water pump ejects 650 gallons every three hours. How long would it take to eject 325 gallons? p.40

Bill does a job in 5 hours. Together, Bill and Sue can do the job in 2 hours. How long would it take Sue to do the job alone? p.44

John has 4 more marbles than Joan. If John has 7 marbles, how many does Joan have? p.58

Some candy is to be divided into two equal piles. If there are a total of 26 pieces, how many in each pile? p.58

John and Dave have 117 model cars. Dave has forty-one more than John. How many cars does each have? p.62

If an angle is sixteen degrees less than its supplement, what is the size of each? p.66

A rectangle has a perimeter of thirty-six feet. The length of the rectangle is three feet more than the width. What are the length and width of the rectangle? p.82