Examples of Class I Problems

Jane worked a 40 hour week at $4.50 an hour. How much was her wage?

Working a 40 hour week at $4.50 an hour with 5 hours of overtime at the same rate allows and employee to receive how much gross pay?

In the city of Canton, the real estate tax rate is 3.5 mils. What is the tax on a $80,000 property?

Joan, John and Jane work for the ABC company. Joan worked a 40 hour week at $5.40 an hour. John worked 32 hours for $6.80 an hour and Jane worked 37.5 hours. She earns $6.25 and hour. What was ABC's payroll for the week?

The XYZ company received a large order for widgets. As a result Mary had to work 6.5 hours of overtime. Mark worked 5 hours of overtime and Martin worked 8. They all worked a normal 40 hour week in addition. Mary earns $5.50 and hour, Mark $4.75 and Martin $6.00. Because the order was very profitable, they all earned extra overtime pay of $2.10 an hour. Thus Mary got $7.60, Mark got $6.85, and Martin got $8.10 an hour for overtime. What is the XYZ's payroll for the week?

John wants to purchase an item that costs $35.00. If the sales tax rate is 6 percent, determine the sales tax and the total cost of the purchase.

Mary got 8 question wrong on a 35 question quiz. What was her percent right on the quiz?

An employee receives a 20% discount. What is the cost of an item that retails for $22.95.

The price of gold went from $480 per ounce to $530. What was the percent of the increase?

A department store takes an item that costs $32.50 at wholesale and retails it for $50. What is the percent of the mark up?

An employee works 40 hours a week at $6.25 an hour. If he has a 25% deduction, how much is his net pay?

A meal cost $38.50. How much is the total cost if a 15% tip is included?

A coal mine yields 460 tons of coal every two days. How much coal is produced in five days?

A water pump ejects 650 gallons every three hours. How long would it take to eject 325 gallons?

A forty-eight mile trip takes 30 minutes. How long would a seventy-two mile trip take traveling at the same speed?

A two carat diamond costs eighteen hundred dollars. How much would a similar diamond of 2/3 carat cost?

A tetter totter has 105 pounds on one side at 4.4 feet. How many pounds are needed at 5 feet on the other side to balance it?

With an outside pressure of 34 psi, a baloon has a volumn of 42 cubic feet. What is its volume with an outside pressure of 28 psi?

An 8 inch pulley turning at 125 prm drives a 5 inch pulley. What is the speed of the 5 inch pulley?

Mary does a job in 6 days while Sam does it in 8 days. How long does it take them to do the job together?

Thirty quarters and nickels have a value of $5.50. How many of each?

Two hundred and eighty tickets were sold for a soccer game for a total of $240. Adults tickets cost $1.50 and student tickets cost $.50. How many of each type were sold?

A portion of an 80% solution is mixed with two liters of a 30% solution to form a 40% solution. How much of the 80% solution was used?

Joan takes a walk at 4 mph and then gets a ride back at 16 mph. The entire trip took 1/2 an hour. How far did Joan walk?