Examples of Class II Problems

If a sixteen foot board is cut into two pieces of equal length, what is the length of each board?

An eighteen foot long board is to be cut into two pieces such that one piece is twice as long as the other. How long are both pieces?

A board seventeen feet long is cut into two pieces. One piece is three feet longer than the other. What is the length of each piece?

Nick and Harry's combined weight is 315 pounds. Harry is fifteen pounds heaver than Nick. How much does each weigh?

One supplementary angle is twenty-four degrees larger than the other. What is the size of each angle?

The larger of two numbers is four more than the smaller. Their quotient is two-thirds. Determine the two numbers.

The combined cost of a shirt and tie is $26.00. The shirt costs $8.00 less than the tie. How much does length of each piece.

The sum of two adjacent angles is fourty-two degrees. One angle is three degrees less than twice the other. Determine the value of each.

One number is three more than one half the other. Their sum is twelve. What are the numbers?

The sum of three consecutive integers is twenty-one. Determine the value of the integers.

The angles of a triangle are such that one is twice as large as another while the third is twelve degrees less than the smaller. Determine all three angles.

The perimeter of a scalene triangle is 33 feet. One side is one half the length the largest side. The other side is 5 feet more than the smallest side. Determine all sides.

The perimeter of an isosceles triangle is 26 feet. The sides are seven feet longer than half of the base. Determine the length of all three sides.

The product of two numbers is thrity-two. One number is one half the other. Determine the two numbers.

The area of a triangle is fourteen square feet. The height is three feet longer than the base. What is the length of the base and height of the triangle?

The width of a rectangle is three feet less than half the length. The area is fifty-six square feet. Determine the perimeter.

The area of a circle is 33 pi square inches less than a circle with a radius one inch less than twice the first. What are the areas?

The radius of a sphere is one half another. The smaller sphere has a volume (7/48) pi cubic inches less than the larger. What are the volumes?