Examples of Class III Problems

A collection of nickels and quarters have a value of $2.40. There are three times as many quarters as nickels. How many of each type of coin?

A sack of cashews and pecans sells for $6.25. The cashews sell for $4.50 a pound and the pecans sell for $3.50 a pound. How many pounds of each are in the sack?

Pete takes twice as long to do a job as Joe. Together it takes them 3 hours. How long would it take each one along?

Two boats took 3 hours to travel 129 miles in opposite directions. One boat travels 9 mph faster than the other. How far did each boat travel?

A slow train leaving at 5 AM and traveling at 30 mph is overtaken by a fast train leaving at 8 AM traveling at 40 mph. What distance did each travel?

Two meteors start 175,000 miles apart and collide after five minutes. One travels at 2/3 the speed of the other. How far did each travel?

The units digit of a number is six more than the tens digit. The sum of the number and its digits is twenty-five. What is the number?

A twelve mile trip takes 2 hours upstream but only one hour downstream. What is the speed of the current and the boat?