Examples of Class IV Problems

At a local store, three shirts and two ties cost $69, while 2 shirts and 4 ties cost $66. How much does each shirt and tie cost?

At a road side stand, 6 tomatoes and 2 melons cost $4.40 while 4 tomatoes and 4 melons cost $6.40. How much do tomatoes and melons cost separately?

The sum of two numbers is 13. The product of the two numbers equals thrity-six. What are the numbers?

A sack is full of $5 and $10 bills. There are twice as many $5s as $10s. But there are 3 fewer $10s than $5s. How many of each?

A jar contains red and white marbles. There are one third as many red as white marbles, while there are two more white marbles than red. How many of each?

The sum of the digits of a two digit number is six. Interchange the digits and the new number is 18 less than the old number. What is the number?

Ann is fifteen years older than Joe. Ten years from now, Ann will be twice as old as Joe. How old is each now?

Now John is two-thirds as old as Jane. Seven years ago, John was half as old as Jane. How old was each then?

Tom is one-fourth as old as Sue. Eight years from now, Sue will be eighteen years older than Tom. How old is each now?

The length of a rectangle is twice the width. Increasing the length of the rectangle by 3 inches increases the area by 15 square inches. Determine both areas.

The radius of a cylinder is twice its height. Increasing the height by 2 inches increases the volume by 8 pi cubic inches. Determine both volumes.