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The Standard Solution Sequence

The standard solution sequence below, reviews the process just completed. You may go directly to the Interactive Problem Solving Tutorial if you are comfortable with it.

The Problem

Jane worked a 40 hour week at $5.50 an hour. Joan earned $6.50 for 35 hours. What are their wages?

The Analysis

The problem asks for wages and specifies two rates($5.50 and $6.50 an hour) and two times (40 and 35 hours, respectively), so the formula
        rate x time = wage
from the formula list is appropriate.

The Chart(Table)

Organize the facts into chart(table) form.

The Solution

All that is necessary to solve this equation is to switch the sides of the equation.
Step 1: Write the equation from the chart.
        rate X time = wage
Step 2: Solve the equation symbolically.
        wage = rate X time

The Program

Combine the Solution with the Chart to form the Program.

The Answer

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