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This is a list of items that pertains to the interactive problem solving. They supersede whatever is stated elsewhere at this site.

All occurances of the labels and names must be identical.  That is:
        1.  Case sensitivity, - John != john.
        2.  Delimeter sensitivity - multiword identifiers must always have
            the same number of blanks between the words. Big john != Big   john.

Do not use commas in numbers. That is, type 100000.00 - NOT 100,000.00.

You must use possessives to combine row and column names. So in the table below, use "little john's age", not "little john age"

|           | age |weight|
|little john| 12  | 130  |
|big john   | 14  | 110  |

Expressions must be "algebraic" not "English." That is:

	age + weight   - Yes
	add age to weight   - No