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Relational Row Equations

Relational equation problems normally are two dimensional. That is, in addition to the information for the individual entities (i.e. rows), the rows themselves are often related via a row equation. Consider:
Example 9: If a sixteen foot board is cut into two pieces of equal length, what is the length of each board?

This problem results in two row entries, one for each piece. In addition. the total board length of the pieces is given, so a row equation relating the entries is:
        board length = lenght of piece one + length of piece two.
The problems below have a specified term and a specified term and factor respectively.

Example 10: Nick and Harry's combined weight is 315 pounds. Harry is fifteen pounds heaver than Nick. How much does each weight?
Example 11: The combined cost of a shirt and tie is $26.00. The shirt costs $8.00 less than the tie. How much does each cost?