Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science
Kent State University
Kent, OH

Office: MSB 208
Lab: MSB160
Email: qguan at or qguan at

Dr. Qiang Guan is an assistant professor in Department of Computer Science at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio . Dr. Qiang Guan is the director of GUANS Lab . He is also a guest scientist of Los Alamos National Laboratory. He was a scientist in Data Science at Scale Team, at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He was mentored by Dr. Nathan DeBardeleben, Sean Blanchard and Dr. James Ahrens. He was the technical lead of BEE (Build and Execution Environment) project at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He obtained the Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from University of North Texas, Denton, Texas, in 2014 (Ph.D. advisor : Dr. Song Fu . ). He received the M.S. degree in Information Engineering from Myongji University, Seoul, South Korea , in 2008 and B.S. degree in Communication Engineering from Northeastern University, Shenyang, China, in 2005.

Current Research Interests:

Check the lab page GUANS Lab for more details


Available Ph.D. Positions
Selected Publications (Full Publication List)

IEEE Bigdata'18   

Jieyang Chen, Qiang Guan, Xin Liang, Paul Bryant, Patricia Grubel, Allen McPherson, Li-Ta Lo, Timothy Randles, Zizhong Chen, and James Ahrens
"Build and Execution Environment (BEE): an Encapsulated Environment Enabling HPC Applications Running Everywhere"

IEEE Bigdata, 2018.

IEEE Bigdata'18   

Xinyu Chen, Qiang Guan, Li-Ta Lo, Simon Su, Zhengyong Ren, James Ahrens, and Trilce Estrada
"In situ TensorView: In situ Visualization of Convolutional Neural Networks"

IEEE Bigdata, 2018.


Jieyang Chen, Hongbo Li, Sihuan Li, Xin Liang, Panruo Wu, Dingwen Tao, Kaiming Ouyang, Yuanlai Liu, Kai Zhao, Qiang Guan, Zizhong Chen
"Fault Tolerant One-sided Matrix Decompositions on Heterogeneous Systems with GPUs"

SC, 2018.


Kai Wu, Wenqian Dong, Qiang Guan, Nathan DeBardeleben, Dong Li
"Modeling Application Resilience in Large-scale Parallel Execution"

ICPP, 2018.


Jieyang Chen, Qiang Guan, Zhao Zhang, Xin Liang, Louis Vernon, Allen Mcpherson, Li-Ta Lo, Patricia Grubel, Jim Ahrens, Zizhong Chen
"BeeFlow: a Workflow Management System for In situ Processing Across HPC and Cloud Systems"

ICDCS, 2018.


Taniya Siddiqua, Vilas Sridharan, Steven E. Raasch, Nathan DeBardeleben, Kurt B. Ferreira, Scott Levy, Elisabeth Baseman, Qiang Guan
"Lifetime Memory Reliability Data from the Field"

IEEE DFT 2017 (
Best Paper Final List)


Ryan Slechta, Laura Monroe, Nathan DeBardeleben, Qiang Guan
"Resilience Analysis of Top K Selection Algorithms"

EDCC, 2017


Li Tan, Nathan DeBardeleben, Qiang Guan, Qiang Guan , Sean Blanchard, and Micheal Lang
"Virtualization-based Quantitative Power Conservation for Inherently Resilient Applications"

Journal of Parallel Computing (PARCO).


Bo Fang, Qiang Guan, Nathan DeBardeleben, Karthik Pattabiraman, Matei Ripeanu
"LetGo: A Lightweight Continuous Framework for HPC Applications Under Failures"

HPDC, 2017. Acceptance Rate:19%.


Panruo Wu, Nathan DeBardeleben, Qiang Guan,Sean Blanchard, Jieyang Chen, Dingwen Tao, Xin Liang, Zizhong Chen
"Silent Data Corruption Resilient Two-sided Matrix Factorizations"

PPoPP, 2017. Acceptance Rate: 21.9% (29/132).


Qiang Guan, Nathan DeBardeleben, Panruo Wu, Stephan Eidenbenz, Sean Blanchard, Laura Monroe, Li Tan
"Design, Use, and Evaluation of P-FSEFI: A Parallel Soft Error Fault Injection Framework for Emulating Soft Errors in Parallel Applications"



Panruo Wu, Qiang Guan,Nathan DeBardeleben, Sean Blanchard, Dingwen Tao, Xin Liang, Jieyang Chen, and Zizhong Chen
"Towards Practical Algorithm Based Fault Tolerance in Dense Linear Algebra"

HPDC, 2016.


Qiang Guan, Nathan DeBardeleben, Brain Atkinson, Robert Robey and William Jones
"Towards Building Resilient Scientific Applications: Resilience Analysis on the Impact of Soft Error and Transient Error Tolerance"

IEEE Cluster, 2015


Qiang Guan,Nathan DeBardeleben, Sean Blanchard and Song Fu
"F-SEFI: A Fined-grained Soft Error Fault Injection Tool for Profiling Application Vulnerability"

IPDPS, 2014


Qiang Guan, Song Fu
"Adaptive Anomaly Identification by Exploring Metric Subspace in Cloud Computing Infrastructures"

SRDS 2013

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