Game Programming Syllabus

Course: CS 38101 

Fall 2015



Time: 9:15-10:30 

Location: 162 MSB

Arden Ruttan 

Office : 270 

Phone : (330) 672-9066 

Mail address :

Office Hours : M-H 2-3, TT and by appointment 


Grader: Arden Ruttan

Mail address:

Office : 270MSB

Office Hours : M-H 2-3, and by appointment 


The goals of this course are to provide introductions to event driven programming, game engine scripting, game engine class structures,learning to plan and to report on a significant programming project, learn to work in programming in teams, and learn to use standard game development environments, in particular the Unity3d development platform.


The course will assume a good background in programming in C++.

Course Content:

Course Material: Available in Blackboard class area.


Grades will be assigned according to the following scale:

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