General Information:

Course: CS 6/79995, Spring 2018

Time: Tuesday, Thursday 12:30 pm - 1:45 pm

Room: MSB 102


Ye  Zhao, Professor

Office: MSB 220


Office Hours: Tuesday, Thursday 11:00 am - 12:00 am or by appointment

Graduate Assistant:

Farah Kamw, Room 140,

Office Hours: TBA


Syllabus: Please click and see the syllabus for details of the course goals, topics, requirements and grading criteria.


Mid-term2 will be given by the first week of April after Spring Break. It will be a take-home exam.

Paper presentation will start from April 3.


Lecture Notes and Reading Assignments


Paper Presentation Preparation


Paper Presentation Schedule

Midterm Exam2 (Take home, Due Apr. 5)

Programming Project Webpage


Visualization Software:

1. Tableau

Introduction Video

Best Practices Video

2. D3js

Please see the D3 Resources for your study and reference


Homework and Exams:

Homework1 Due by Feb. 22.

Please download for your work

Homework2 Due by March. 20.




Information Visualization

Study visualization techniques helping people understand real data!