Ph. D. Theses Directed

v  S. Ryan, A Logic Based Visual Environment for Distributed Simulation and Design of Complex Systems over the Internet, 2001

v  Guercio, An Internet Based Language for Integrating Deterministic and Nondeterministic Events and interaction with Multimedia Modeling over the Internet, 2004

v  M. Ghayoumi, Facial Expression Analysis Using Deep Learning with Partial Integration to Other Modalities to Detect Emotion, 2017

v  P. Gawde, Integrated Analysis of Temporal and Morphological Features, Using Machine Learning Techniques for Real-time Diagnosis of Arrhythmia and Irregular Beats, 2018

M.S. Theses Directed

D. Poduval (1991), M. Ghandikota (1993), C. Kandikonda (1993), P. Lokam (1993), S. Ryan (1996), V. Anderson (1999), T. Kapoor (2000), R. Pathak (2003), B. Simoes (2003), S. Uddin (2004), Y. Hijazi (2005), J. Burke (2008), M. Thafar (2015), S. Aljehane (2015), H. Muhajab (2016), A. Singh (2017).

Other Computer Science Ph.D. Thesis Committees

F. Abdel-Aziz(1991, Kent State University), Pu-Chen(1994, Case Western Reserve University), A. Marcus(2003, Kent State University), Saleh Al Shomrani (2008, Kent State University), Xun Lai (2010, Kent State University), Manas Hardas (2012, Kent State University), Fatma Nafa, Amal Babour, Rania Aboalela (2017, Kent State University)

Other Computer Science M.S. Thesis Committees

C. L. Suk Sun (1989), C. Williams (1989), Chao-Jen Hsu (1990), M. Kotran (1994), T. Lyden (1996), D. McCune (1997), V. Martin (1998), B. Chiao(1998), A. Lal (1999), R. Pasari (1999), D. Patel (2001), H. Kagadi (2003), Mingming Lu (2004), David Chiu (2004), S. Katargada (2005), Qiyu Zhang (2005), Jeffrey Frey (2008), Tristan Cuevas (2015).