Internet Telephony

Lijun Feng


Internet Telephony is a powerful and economical communication options by combination of the telephone networks and data networks. The ability to use IP network to carry traditional telephone traffic brings both challenges and opportunities to all the long-distance telephone service companies and their resellers. Although a lot of difficulties exist, from technology to social issues, few people doubt that it will bring a great change in communication field and bring a new huge market.

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General Information

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Current Problems and Solutions

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Future Developments

The future is exciting. There are two dimensions in which the Internet telephony can be improved. One dimension is technology itself. It will go to much more high quality, big capacity, multi-function, etc.. The other dimension is the combination with other technology, such as Intranet, to confirm a new pruduct or tool to meet the increasing needs to the communication. For example, some forward-thinking organizations will begin deploying Internet telephone gateways for internal use, particularly for things like internal helpdesks. Calls will be routed over Intranets.

 Right now, S.100 and other standards from the Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum are provided. They are important when building business communication platforms with integrated IP phone capability. Nearly 75% of U.S. companies already have or plan to incorporate intranets, according to Business Research Group (Newton, Mass.). So it can be forseen that in the near future, the Internet Telephony will work with Intranet together. It will come to most emploees' desk and everybody will familiar with them.

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Last Modified: August 12, 1997