Call for Paper:

First International Workshop on

Research and Education Networking for Developing World, 2006


2nd January, 2006 in conjunction with International Conference on

Next-Generation Wireless Systems (ICNEWS’06)

Dhaka, Bangladesh



Developed world is fast moving towards forming Advanced Internet to support Research and Education. Internet is increasingly becoming a vital component for research of higher education institutions worldwide. Information and communication technology (ICT) used to be an auxiliary service for universities in the 1990’s. It became an essential limb in the 2000’s, and in 2005 it is becoming the ‘central artery’ in the running of the universities and research organizations. ICT competency is a strategic survival issue for any modern higher education institution and collectively for the higher education infrastructure of any country. Developing world worldwide is already forming larger confederated research and education network (REN) alliances. In the West, GEANT, Internet2, etc. represent the growing federalization of research and higher education networks. While there are commonalities, however, the challenges, scales and issues are quite different in the developing world. The universities in the developing world have played a vital role in supplying the scientific and engineering workforce for the world. The objective of this workshop is to identify the issues and provide a leading forum for scientific and engineering discussion of the issues specific to the developing countries. The workshop invites research papers, surveys, case studies, proposals and idea papers for various aspects of educational and research networking for the developing world. Papers are particularly invited from the practitioners, pioneers, and researchers from this side of the digital divide. Papers can be position papers, experience reports, potential solutions, and/or research results. Here are some sample topics of interest (but not limited to):



  • Cost effective national/transnational/campus fiber backbone networking.
  • Hybrid fiber/wireless/satellite backbone connectivity and access for hard-to-reach places.
  • Management and organization of REN.


Higher Education:

  • Security, privacy, autonomy, academic freedom in public/private education networking.
  • Digital university.
  • New modes of Internet based higher educations.
  • New modes of scientific publication, archiving, and sharing.
  • Peer-to-peer systems for science and education.


Educational Services & Applications:

  • Virtual laboratories.
  • Grid computing.
  • Digital library.
  • Courseware sharing.
  • Content management.
  • Universal email, groups and other services.
  • Digital rights from the other side of divide.
  • Financial engineering of educational & informational products.


Grand Challenge Problems:

  • Surmounting digital divide in higher education.
  • Poverty elimination and REN.
  • Social engineering research and REN.
  • Public health research and REN.


Please send your paper/extended abstract to coordinator: Prof. Javed I. Khan by September 30, 2005 (preferably in pdf or Word format). An International Technical Committee is being formed now. The workshop is seeking leadership and participation by researchers and practitioners with long term interest in the area. If you are interested to join the Technical & Steering Committee please contact coordinator at without hesitation.



September 30, 2005: Deadline for Submission of Full Paper/Extended Abstracts

October 15, 2005: Deadline for Submission of Camera-Ready Manuscript

November 30, 2005: Deadline for Registration


Authors are encouraged to submit full papers so that a more critical evaluation of the work is possible during the review process. However, if not possible, the authors should submit the extended abstract of the paper. The final manuscript should be prepared according to the IEEE standard guidelines for preparing manuscripts for major IEEE Conference Proceedings (e.g., IEEE ICC, Globecom).