Johnnie W. Baker


B.A. Mathematics, Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene Texas

M.A. Mathematics, University of Texas at Austin, 1965

Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Texas at Austin, 1968
Dissertation Title: Some uncomplemented subspaces of C(X) of the type C(Y)
Director: E. Ward Cheney


University courses

1983-84 University of Texas at Austin. Audited and did all the work at graduate level computer science courses while on sabbatical. Areas of concentration: artificial intelligence, expert systems, operating systems, graphics, and automatic theorem proving.
1963-68 University of Texas at Austin. Audited computing-related courses offered in various departments at the time I was working on a mathematics. No computer science department existed when I was there.

Participation in Professional Development Courses, Workshops and On-Line Seminars 

(Some I failed to track.)

CVACM = Cuyahoga Valley ACM, local ACM chapter

1985 CVACM Professional Development Seminar, Concurrent and Distributed Programming, presenter: Arthur Bernstein (Computer Science Department, SUNY at Stony Brook), (1 day workshop)

1983 CVACM Professional Development Seminar, Structured Programming and Design, presenter: Michael Marcotty, (1 day workshop)

1982 ACM Workshop, Probablistic Algorithms, University of New Hampshire, summer, (5 day workshop) Partially financed by NSF.

1982 ACM Symposium on LISP and Functional Programming, August, Carneige Mellon. (3 day workshop)

1982 CVACM Professional Development Seminar, Local Area Computer Networks, presenter: David C. Wood, (1 day workshop)

1981 ACM Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation, Snowbird, Utah (5 day workshop)

1981 CVACM Professional Development Seminar, Software Science: Applications to Software Project Costing, presenter:Victor Schneider (Wang Laboratories, Inc.), (1 day workshop)

1980 COACM Symposium, New Dimensions in Computer Graphics, Columbus, Ohio (1 day workshop)

1980 CVACM Professional Development Seminar, Using a Data Base Correctly, presenter: Robert J. Tufts (Analytic Sciences Corporation) (1 day workshop)

1979 COCACM Symposium, Software Engineering, Columbus, Ohio (1 day workshop).

1977 Numerical Analysis Short Course, AMS Winter Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia (1 day workshop).

1975 MAA Operations Research Short Course, Youngstown State University (1 day workshop).