Johnnie W. Baker

Individual or Special Courses, Honors, Theses, and Projects Sponsored in Computer Science

2009Created a joint, online course with Professor Frank Drews at the EECS Department at Ohio University in Spring 2009 titled “Parallel Real-Time Systems”. This course was taught by each of us in a room with a polycom system, allowing students and faculty at both universities to interact.
2007-2009 Research Seminar in SIMD Real-Time Air Traffic Control with thesis & dissertation students.
2007-2008 Research advisor for Tristan Cuevas, an undergraduate honors student, in the STARS undergraduate research program.
1994-1996Served as Honor’s thesis advisor for Colleen McCarthy. Her thesis was on the topic of neural nets and extended work that she had done at a summer institute for outstanding undergraduates. Honors thesis was completed and defended in Spring 1996.
Fall-1993 A Second Semester of Discrete Mathematics with Emphasis on Computing Concepts (H. Hoover)
Fall-1993Sponsored a three hour research course for Lihong Yu to meet the project requirement for the MA degree in CS. She obtained timings for some basic algorithms and operations for an associative SIMD Computer, using our WaveTracer SIMD Computer.
Sum-1993   Reading Course in Parallel Processing to allow Paul Durand to complete this course early so that he could start working on his thesis in Fall 1993.
Spr&Sum-1993 Writing utility in C to support an expert system written in PROLOG at KSU to help in scheduling of classes, rooms, and instructors (Arne Saupe).
Spr-1990 Reading Course in Parallel Algorithms to allow the student to go beyond topics covered in my course (Jon Wiebrecht).
Spr-1990   A reading course in Automatic Reasoning (or Logic Based Expert Systems) with Programming Assignments (Sarah Rambacher).
Fall-1989A reading course in “The Artificial Intelligence Approach to Seismic Signal Interpretation” which required a term paper (Manavalan Kesavan).
Spr-1989A project course to investigate and develop software concerning “Parallel Algorithms for Exact Solutions for a System of Linear Equations Using Modular Arithmetic” (Carl Williams).
Sum & Fall 1988  Sponsored a student at Western Reserve Academy who studied the language PROLOG during the Summer and Fall (Calvin Hunt).
Sum-1988 A reading course in parallel programming requiring programming and tests (Kenneth Atchinson)
1987-88A parallel programming project (Thomas Leech).
Sum-1987 A reading course in parallel programming (John Michalakes).
Sum-1987Building a large PROLOG expert system, (Brent Neal Reeves).
1986-87Digital Analysis of Analog Signals with Respect to Musical Pitches, (Thomas Leech).
1986-87Honors College Project: Learn LISP and write a game playing program using the alpha-beta proving algorithm. (Christopher Parker).
1985-86 Special compiler project (John Mascio)
1985-86Honors College Project: OPS5 Expert System on Vitamins (Carl Williams).
1980-84Record of courses & projects sponsored was not kept

Seminars Directed in Computer Science
2007-9SIMD Real-Time Air Traffic Control Projects Seminar
1998 Distributed Algorithms Seminar (with Robert Walker)
1997Approximation and Learning Algorithms Seminar (with Meera Sitharam)
1995-      Computational Chemistry Seminar (with Chun-che Tsai) - multiple offerings
1993- Parallel Computing Seminar (with, at various times, Jerry Potter, Kenneth Batcher, and Robert Walker) – multiple offerings
1993Parallel Computational Geometry Seminar
1992   Artificial Intelligence Seminar