Johnnie W. Baker


PhD Students Graduated

1. Shannon Steinfadt - Dissertation Title: Smith-Waterman Sequence Alignment For Massively Parallel High-Performance Computing Architectures. Started about Fall 2002. Defended her candidacy on December 15, 2004. Defended her dissertation on March 18, 2009.

2. Wittaya Chantamas - Dissertation Topic:
A Multiple Associative Model to Support Branches in Data Parallel Applications using the Manager-Worker Paradigm, Defended his dissertation in Fall 2009.

3. Rashid Bin Muhammad: DissertationTitle:
Parallel and Network Algorithms and Applications for Steiner Trees and Voronoi Diagram, Defended candidacy on Sept. 9, 2004 with me as a co-advisor. He switched topics and swiched to me as his advisor around Fall 2006. Defended his dissertation on October 20, 2009

4. Michael Scherger - Dissertation:
An Object Model Framework, Runtime Environment Support, and Database System Software for a Multiple Instruction Stream Associative Model of Parallel Computation, Co-advised with Jerry Potter, Successfully defended on October 24, 2005.

5. Mingxian Jin - Dissertation:
Exploring the Power of the MASC Model by Simulations and Real-time Applications, defended successfully December 2004

6. Maher Atwah - Dissertation:
Parallel Computation of the Static and Dynamic Convex Hull, defended successfully April, 2001.

7. Darrell Ulm - Dissertation: The Power of the ASC Associative Computing Model Through Simulations PRAM and Virtual Parallelism, defended successfully December, 1995.

8. Mark Merry - Dissertation: Parallel Computational Geometry on the Reconfigurable Mesh, defended successfully June, 1993.

Current PhD Students

1. Mike Yuan: Implementing a SIMD Air Traffic Control System Prototype on the ClearSpeed Accelerator. Started work around Fall 2008, Defended Candidacy on Dec 16,2009

2. Weiguo Fan - (Dissertation co-advisor is Chun-che Tsai, Chemistry). Dissertation Title:
Using Molecular Similarity Analysis for Structure-Activity Relationship Studies. Probably started during Fall 2000. Defended his candidacy on Sept. 6, 2002. Defended research in his dissertation on March 23, 2010, but must submit the research in his dissertation to appropriate scientific journals prior to graduation. He is making excellent progress and is expected to complete this work before May 2011.

Masters Students Graduated
Several jointly-sponsored theses are not listed due to missing information
especially from my earlier years

1. Jeffrey Daniel Frey, Finding Song Melody Similarities Using a DNA String Matching Algorithm, 120 pages, Defended January 17, 2008, May 2008.

2. Xin Lin,
Investigating Chemical Structural-Activity Relationships using Molecular Similarity Analyses and Structure Activity Maps, 165pp, May 2007, (Co-sponsored with Dr. Chun-che Tsai in Chemistry Dept.).

3. Rashid Bin Muhammad,
The Parallel Voronoi Diagram on Hypercube Model of Computation, Sept. 2003. (Co-sponsored with Feodor Dragan).

4. Yu-Wei Hsieh,
Chemical & Molecular Visualization Using Similarity Analysis and Structure Activity Maps, April 1, 2003, Co-sponsored with Chun-che Tsai).

5. Rohit Pasari,
Visualization and Reduction Enhancement Algorithms for Topological Similarity Analysis of Molecules, May, 1999. (Co-sponsored with Chun-che Tsai, Chemistry).

6. Amrish Lal,
A Database Query Engine for XML Documents Using XQL Query Language, (Co-sponsored with Will Meilander), May 1999.

7. Kung-Ming Liu,
Composition of Kalman and Heuristic Tracking Algorithms for Air Traffic Control, May, 1999. (Co-sponsored with Will Meilander).

8. Lu Qian,
Complexity Analysis of an Air Traffic Control System Using an Associative Processor, (Co-sponsored with Will Meilander), December, 1997.

9. Paul Durand,
An Improved Program for Topological Similarity Analysis of Molecules, January, 1996. (Co-sponsored with Chun-che Tsai, Chemistry).

10. Melissa Wagoner,
A Case-Based Reasoning Expert System Useful in Aiding Veterinary Diagnosis, 1996.

11. Tom Head,
Implementation of a Parallel Production System, 1996.

12. Mary Esenwein,
String Matching Algorithms for an Associative Computer, 1995.

13. Maher Atwah,
Computing the Convex Hull on the Associative Model, July, 1994.

14. Dale Haverstock
, An Assembler for the STARAN Parallel Computer, August, 1994. (Co-sponsored with J. Potter; Directed while Potter was on extended leave for about 2 years.).

15. Stephen Scott,
Embedding the Hypercube and Shuffle-Exchange into the 3-Dimensional Mesh, August 1992.

16. Jon Wiebrecht,
Parallel SIMD Algorithms and Implementations for the Traveling Salesperson Problem and Assignment Problem, May, 1992.

17. Loren Pfeiffer,
A Default Theory Question Answerer Using Weak Model Elimination, May, 1991.

18. Julia Liem Lee,
Developing Parallel SIMD Algorithms for the Traveling Salesman Problem, November, 1989, (Co-sponsored with O. Slotterbeck).

19. Sirirat Viseshakul,
Developing and Testing a Software System to Track and Monitor Air Traffic, October, 1989, (Co-sponsored with W. Meilander).

20. Kenneth Atchinson,
Development of a Portable Parallel Processor Using SIMD Architecture, August, 1989.

21. Andrew Miller,
A Parallel Production System, May, 1989.

22. John Michalakes,
STARAN-VAX Interface Under Berkeley Unix, 4.3 BSD, November, 1988.

23. Steven Talus,
Parallel Approaches to the Zero-One Knapsack Problem, July, 1988. (Co-sponsored with O. Slotterbeck).

24. Mohamed O. Rayes,
Developing a Complex Number Environment within MACSYMA, May, 1988.

Currrent Masters Students

1. Sagar Panchariya - Thesis Topic: Algorithms and Implementation for Collision Detection and Avoidance, Started around Summer 2009

2. Pallav Laskar Thesis Topic:
Implementing Software for the Visualization of Plane Locations for Controllers (and perhaps an additional task such as visualization for cockpit display). Started around Summer 2009