CS 49901
Capstone Project

Department of Computer Science

Kent State University

Fall 2004

Dr. Jonathan I. Maletic

The course is an integrative experience that brings together all components of the undergraduate computer science curriculum in an applied, hands on real world setting.  The course is a bridge between the academic experience and the professional workplace.  The objectives of the Capstone Project course are to give the student the experience of: 1) being involved in building a non-trivial, real-world (like), software development project; 2) working with other developers in a team environment; 3) building a graphical user interface; 4) integrating knowledge of topics such as operating systems, networks, database, and software engineering within a team-project framework.

Time:  MWF 1:10-2:00pm
Room: 276 MSB
Prerequisites: CS33006, CS 43901, CS 43005, and CS 45201

URL: http://www.cs.kent.edu/~jmaletic/Capstone/
Last Updated: 10/15/2004