Term Project - Software Visualization

The project must contain a strong research component directly related to the topics covered in the course (i.e., software visualization).  In many cases the development of a prototype software system to test and/or demonstrate your concept will form a large part of the project.  Other projects involve the investigation of specific visualization techniques for a particular problem, an in-depth survey to achieve a specific research goal, refinement of existing taxonomies that describe aspects of software visualization, etc.

A project proposal is required and must be completed before midterm (see schedule for specific date).   Topics will arise from in class discussion and students can meet with me to formalize ideas and topics.  Of course, the student must become familiar with the general topic of software visualization, via the first 3-4 weeks of course, before any concrete project topics can be defined.

Other requirements:
Project Ideas:

Last Updated: 02/18/2005