CS 6/79995 Program Comprehension
Spring 2015
Department of Computer Science
Kent State University

Dr. Jonathan I. Maletic (office hours)

The course is intended for the doctoral or advanced masters student in computer science.

The course focuses on the past and current research on program comprehension and how people understand and write software. The objective of this course is to investigate the material on the cognitive and mental models of how people 1) learn to program, 2) understand existing large programs. This material forms the basis of software environments that are being constructed to assist software engineers to build, maintain, and evolve extremely large software systems.

The course will be run in a rigorous seminar style with students required to read two research papers (approxmately 10 pages each) per class (a total of approximately 50 papers for the term). Grades will be determined by daily class participation and paper presentations. Attendance is mandatory. Additionally, there will be a term project (paper and presentation).

Students should have taken CS 6/73901 (or equivalent course) and have an extremely strong programming background.

URL: http://www.cs.kent.edu/~jmaletic/cs69995-PC/
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