Second Workshop on Massively Parallel Processing (WMPP)

April 19, 2002 at IPDPS'02, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Message from the General and Program Chairs

Welcome to the second Workshop on Massively Parallel Processing! ( pointer to the First Workshop)

This workshop addresses all areas of massively parallel processing. In organizing this workshop, we realized that computer solutions to many problems facing modern civilization require a level of computational power that far exceeds current capabilities. Consequently, we solicited papers on research that extends current computational capacity boundaries and gives solutions to currently inaccessible computationally intensive problems, such as some of the grand challenge problems. (the original call for papers: PDF html)

General areas of interest included synchronous and asynchronous parallel computation, algorithms and models, systems architecture, hardware, systems software and languages, component technology, and applications. Specific topics of interest included SIMD and MIMD massively parallel systems case studies; teraflop and petaflop system development and applications; intelligent RAM, IRAM, and PIM system development; data parallel and associative computing; case studies and performance analysis of massively parallel systems and applications; resource management for massively parallel applications; domain specific libraries and applications; experience with commercial and experimental massively parallel systems; and systems software and tools for massively parallel computing.

We hope that you will enjoy the manuscripts that were selected to appear in the workshop program.


Workshop Organizers

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