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DMAS: Distributed Mathematics Assessment System


DMAD in WME Site Architecture

DMAS (Distributed Mathematics Assessment System):

DMAS is a Web-based Distributed Mathematics Assessment system that can support the assessment needs of Mathematics teachers and students and can serve and interoperate with other online systems such as WME as well as work independently.

DMAS provides an efficient, effective and systematic way to support the assessment needs of mathematics education and a platform for teachers at different schools to contribute and share assessment materials. It utilizes distributed databases and Web technologies to achieve these functions. DMAS also helps Mathematics teachers to quickly and easily author, edit, administer and manage tests. They can also easily import materials from or share questions with other teachers either from same or different schools.

DMAS System Structure:

DMAS System Structure
  • DMAD (Distributed Mathematics Assessment Database): is a database distributed at different WME server sites that collects assessment questions provided by teachers so they can be shared by others. Within DMAD:
  • TMAD (Teachers Mathematics Assessment Database): is a database assigned to mathematics teachers of same school. It stores and manages assessment tests, homework assignments, questions, student answers, grades, statistics and other info for each individual teacher.
  • SMAD (School Mathematics Assessment Database): is created for individual school as part of its school site. A SMAD connects TMADs within the school and SMADs at different schools through the DMAS system. The SMAD performs a critical role in enabling the sharing of assessment materials within and without a school.

DMAS System Components:

DMAS system generally consists of the following components:
  • DMAD -- The Core Component, core database DMAD (Distributed Mathematics Assessment database) and other local databases
  • Authoring Tool for teachers
  • Assessment test giving
  • Grading and student results administration
  • Comprehension diagnoses and linking to remedial materials
  • Mathematics Assessment Markup Language: MAML, Mathematics Assessment Markup Language to be used in assessment material representations and encoding
  • DMAS system interface to Web Applications
  • Assessment Web Service

Last update: April 16, 2007