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Mathematics Glossary System

Mathematics Glossary (MG) System is a Web-based system and can be accessed through regular Web browsers. It aims to provide an effective, systematic and structured way for representing mathematical terminologies. The system has two key elements - MG Web Application and MG Web Service. MG Web Application provides a simple and intuitive user interface for easy management and access of a glossary library, whereas the MG Web Service supports programmatic retrieval of glossary items. MG System is designed to support static and dynamic mathematics glossary content, work as an independent application and provide interoperable content and service.

Use of the System

Mathematics Glossary system can be immensely helpful for students, teachers, people interested in learning mathematics and software developers.

  • Students can access MG Web pages for dynamic and interactive learning experiences from anywhere on the Web. They can study the materials at their own pace and at their convenient time. MG System provides content approved by educators and professional experts.
  • Teachers can author and deploy glossary contents using simple text editors and authoring tools provided in the MG Web Application. They can include mathematical notations, graphs, and images easily and use them for teaching purposes. Authors can modify and revise their contents anytime from anywhere.
  • MG System can help distance learners understand mathematical knowledge. With the freedom and flexibility of the online environment, they can pace their learning and at the same time understand and explore mathematical concepts.
  • MG Web Service can be utilized by several client applications. Software developers can create programmable applications, and can easily integrate MG Web Service with other pieces of software. Instead of having to create a custom service for each unique requirement, portions of a service are simply re-used as necessary.

MG System Components

  • Web-based user interface: MG Web Application is a simple and intuitive user interface that allows various functionalities. Some of them include adding, modifying glossary items, managing users and maintaining consistency and accuracy of the site and its content. This Web interface can be accessed using regular Web browsers and HTTP protocol.
  • Mathematics Glossary Web Service: MG Web Service offers a well defined API (Application Programming Interface) that allows software developers to access many MG System functionalities. This Web Service is supported by both SOAP and REST API. SOAP API enables developers using supported environments to create applications that integrate with MG System. SOAP provides advantages over other programmatic interfaces because it is rich, standardized and platform independent. REST API enables developers to interact with the MG API using a simple URL over HTTP and the result is retuned in XML based language. Input parameters are passed as elements of the URL.
    Figure 1: Mathematics Glossary System Design
  • Content markup support: MG Web Service encodes mathematical terms into MgML based on the request from the client. Mathematical Glossary Markup Language (MgML) is an XML based markup language which describes glossary terminologies. MgML content includes MgML elements, XHTML and MathML elements. The structured and well defined content language is the core of the MG Web Service.