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Building WME Lessons

The Lesson Building Process

We will follow NCTM recommendations and build on existing efforts to create well-organized and effective lessons and modules for WME. This diagram shows the educational material building process.

page building

Creating a New Lesson

You need an author ID to build lessons. Please contact the WME team to obtain an author ID before proceeding.

It is simple to create the specifications for new lessons. It can be done from anywhere on the Web. Simply click the New Lesson link, login, and fill in the form there.

Remember each lesson may contain a few pages (suggest 1-3 pages) and you can build each page for a lesson independently.

Viewing and Revising A Lesson

To view and revise the specifications of any existing lesson, follow the Manage Lessons link. You can make many kinds of changes to a lesson.

Testing A Lesson

Based on lesson specs, actual web pages will be implemented for review and testing. When lessons are implemented sufficiently, they will be made availabe for testing and refinement. To do this follow the Test Lesson link.

Comments and Feedback

To suggest implementational changes to our team of technical developers, please go to the Lesson Feedback page.