MathEdit Editing Examples


Here are some example to demonstrate how to use Mathedit to edit mathematic expressions. To use Mathedit Content version under IE browser, you must install MathPlayer. MathPlayer plugin is used to view the mathematic expression , If your web pages containing MathML, before using Internet Explorer you will need to install MathPlayer on your computers. check if Mathplayer have been Installed, MathPlayer Installation Check  ,if not, download in this web. Download MathPlayer. Firefox supports MathML natively, all you need is to install math fonts.



A. The Quadratic Formula

  1. Un-maximize your browser window. Then open . You will see a green input cursor.
  2. Click the -box button on the tool bar, then enter b. Navigate to the parent of b (up-arrow) so -b is highlighted. Then type + on the keyboard, click the sqrt button on the tool bar, then the power button on the tool bar.
  3. Type b on the keyboard, use the mouse to switch to the exponent box, then type 2. Now type up-arrow (to select the entire b^2).
  4. Type -4*a*c. The numerator is done. Use the mouse to switch to the denominator.
  5. Type 2*a on the keyboard.

B. Matrix


Step 1:

Click equation button, or enter "=" by keyboard, input what you want.

Step 2:

Click matrix bottn, input matrix.

Step 3:

input what you want to,numbers from keyboard and others from template, right/left arrow key to navigate during elements.

As following :

m0   mr      mt

Figure.2: Creation matrix processing


Current Authoring Supports

1  Keyboard supports

Support keyboard input


2  Template insert support


Arithmetic, algebra and logic templates, relations templates, calculus and vector calculus templates, theory of set templates,sequence and series templates ,elementary classical functions templates, linear algebra templates, can use all templates to edit mathematic expressions.As shown in Figure:


3 Edting support

*New:   create a new file.
*Open:   open an existing file
*Save:  save an open file.
*Cut:    cut sub-expression you selected, The current expression is deleted andwith a placeholder
*Copy: copy sub-expression you selected,
*Paste:  paste what you cut or copied into a document, and the data replaces the current expression.
*Undo:  revert to the state of the editor before the most recent operation was performed.Here, we can only provide
            10 steps .
*Redo:   return to the state of the editor after including the effect of an undone operation.Here we can only provide
            10 steps .
*Font:  change the font by specifying the new value ,the whole text size instead of what you selected.
*Size:  change the size by specifying the new value ,the whole text size instead of what you selected.
*Bold:  set your expression to Bold.
*Italic:  set your expression to Italic.
*Text color:  change the Text color by specifying the new value .
*Background color:  change the Background color by specifying the new value .


4   Content code edting and preview support

you will see Content codes of mathematic expression you edited ,By click MathML-content. Preview is aslo supported,by click Preview you can see the expression what you edit


Navigation Method

Press right/left/up/down arrow key to navigate. MathEdit keeps track of the sub-expression and displays a color background to visually identify it to the user. The arrow keys are used to move the current sub-expression up to the parent node, down to the first child, or left/right to sibling nodes.

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