Mathematical Expression Translator Web Service


     METS is a Web Service. It provides the translating services of different mathematical formula encoding and the generation services of picture, pdf, ps and dvi document.

The following translating services has been provided:

METS sends data in REST, and the result is returned by JSON. Try typing a url into your browser's locator window something like\[\int^{\pi}_0\sin^2\theta d\theta =\frac{1}{2} \]&outFormat=gif&size =20pt
the return JSON

The key word reqFormat is the format to be converted, reqCode is the code to be converted, outFormat is the translating result, size is the size of picture. There are four reqFormats and nine outFormats to choose.

content, presentation,latex, openmath
content, presentation,latex, openmath, gif, png, pdf, dvi, ps

Here we are also to provide conversion interface. Translating Process is as following:

  1. Select the format.
  2. Enter the code.
  3. Select the result format.
  4. Press the Translate button.
  5. Get result.

1. Input format and code

Select format which you want to translate.

Enter the corresponding code, the Content and Presentation code must be between <math>...</math>, the OpenMath code must be <OMOBJ>...</OMOBJ>, the LaTeX code must be between the $....$ or\[...\] .

2. Get result

Decide what kind of output you want:

If the format is gif/gng/pdf/ps/dvi, you can select the size:

If the result is encoding, it will be displayed the following text area. If it is picture, the picture and the URL of the picture will be displayed. If it is that other document, the URL will be displayed. The URL can be directly used in web pages where it is needed, and also be downloaded to the local use.