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Project Milestones

2010 Milestones

By April 30, 2010
Set up NSDL EV WME Blog. Begin to post regularly to this Blog
By May 30, 2010
NSDL Integrated Services and Focused Research proposals submitted

2009 Milestones

By Sept. 30 2009
Draft WME Model Site design and implementation done
By Dec. 31 2009
GeometryEditor new vsersion release
By Aug. 15 2009
MathPASS and its integration with MathEdit

2008 Milestones

By Sept. 30 2008
Initial MathEdit design and implementation
By may. 30 2008
GeometryEditor initial implementation ready

2007 Milestones

By Sept. 1, 2007
Arrangements for visiting scholar Su Wei from Lanzhou University made.
By end of 2007
A new MathPASS Website, in cooperation with Department of Mathematics, largely complete.
By Dec. 15, 2007
DMAS trials at Kimpton Middle School performed.

2006 Milestones

By Jan. 15, 2006
Interoperability and customization issues in WME considerations written up as paper for conference.
By end of Summer 2006
Explored WME in connection with State of Ohio Depart ment of Education and the Ohio Resource Center.
By Dec. 15, 2006
Initial MathEdit System for the Web (Javascript based) designed and implemented. Paper written and submitted.

2005 Milestones

By Jan. 15, 2005
Activities planned for 2005 and new pages and the manipulative editing feature, the assessment database feature are ready for in-class trials.
By Feb. 15, 2005
Initial Model WME site transfer to Lanzhou University as a test case of WME site distribution.
By Mar. 15, 2005
ECCAD presentations and activities done.
By April 15, 2005
IEEE Southeast Conference presentations and demos done. Four papers and one technical report published. Lanzhou site up and running and some pages customized for Lanzhou local use.
By May 15, 2005
  • Model site substantially complete with Kimpton pages mostly ported under the model.
  • A prototype editing tool is working and ready for testing, integration and improvements.
  • A prototype DMAD is ready for deployment in WME.
  • Sub-areas pages under "R & D" of the WME site are set up by individual members of the WME team.
By Nov 14, 2005
NSF, IES, and IMD/NSF proposals submitted.
By Dec 15, 2005
  • Kimpton, Lakeview pilot sites working for customizatino by multiple teachers
  • WME model site ready to demo.
  • MathEdit ready to demo.
  • SVG working for Firefox.
  • DMAD working within Kimpton and Lakeview.

2004 Milestones

By End of February 04
Project Set Up: meetings with Dorene and Kim to define first experiments and setting up the initial website for this project and for middle school class use.
By End of March 04
Trial Run of website for classroom use with students have been completed in and outside of Kimpton middle school. The trial runs may not involve any students.
By End of April 04
A couple of experimental teaching have taken place and feedback collected. Website improvements and adjustments made. Ready for second round of experiments.
By End of August 04
Website much more complete and covers more materials and areas. Ready for more extensive experiments. Goal is to make the site suitable for Math at grade 8 (?)
By end of October 04
Enough experiments and feedback have been collected for us to define how the first version of WME will be implemented and how the various languages and protocols will be designed.
By October 28, 2004
IES proposal have been submitted.
By Mid October, 2004
Initial Model WME site transfer to Lanzhou University as a test case of WME site distribution.
By Oct. 30, 2004
Kimpton pilot site transfer to Lanzhou University for initial testing and investigation of a Chinese language site for schools in Gansu Province, People's Republic of China.
By Nov. 30, 2004
Abstracts for papers submitted to IEEE SoutheastCon edu track chair.
By Dec. 30, 2004
Full papers submitted to IEEE SoutheastCon using online submission