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Model Site


Model Site:

The WME Model Site is an self-sufficient WME site that can be deployed to different schools. It is easy to install on any system running apache+PHP+MySQL, although approaches towards heterogeneity of Web server and database system is currently being considered.

Once deployed, the model site offers different levels of customization as depicted below in Figure 1.

Figure 1. WME Site Customization Levels

The continuous development of the model site is currently taking place here:

Model Site Organization Overview:

The WME model site architecture is shown in Figure 2. The site itself is dual-tiered with the front-end user interface being implemented in DHTML and stylesheets, while the back-end deals with database connectivity and WME component organization of Topic Modules, Topic Lesson Pages, View Sections, and Manipulatives (Figure 3).

WME Site Architecture
Figure 2. The WME Model Site Architecture

The model site is able to offer dynamic lesson material via its backdoor connection to its databases. Though three are shown in Figure 2, only the WME Site Database is absolutely necessary for the model site's operation. For instance, DMAD is a distributed database that may or may not have a local copy exist on the same server, and GeoSite Database is a remote global database that hosts a plethora of SVG-based manipulatives that can be shared, used, and/or edited.

Figure 3. WME Model Site Components Breakdown

Recent discussions on manipulatives led to of talks their design and implementation. Figures 4 and 5 depict the process of editing and displaying a manipulative respectively.

Figure 4. Editing a Manipulative

Figure 5. AL Displaying a Manipulative

About the author

Name: David Chiu

  • 2004 M.S. in Computer Science, Kent State University
  • 2002 B.S. in Computer Science, Kent State University
I have been involved with the WME Project working group since early 2002, and have since authored/co-authored several papers regarding to WME research, including a Master's Thesis on the design and implementation of the WME Model Site and MathChat. References to these works can be found on my Website.


Milestones for Spring 2005:

- by End of January 05:
  • Move Model Site from monkey to eagle to test portability.
  • Dealt with different methods of configuration file handling, and settled with PEAR::Config and XML-based configuration
- by End of February 05:
  • Completed and tested most administrative functions.
  • Login capabilities completed
  • Moved vsec organization from database content to filesystem guided by database relationships. It involved complete revision of the already written VSec handling functions.
- by End of March 05:
  • Incorporated FCKEditor for Vsec content editing.
  • Redesign of the Model Site.
  • The slides and demos are ready for the IEEE Southeast 2005 Conference.
- by End of April 05:
  • Attending the IEEE Southeast 2005 conference and presenting the paper.
  • Eliminate known-bugs that were exposed during the seminar presentation in March.
  • Eliminate known-bugs due to portability.
- by End of May 05:
  • Document integration notes.
  • Document a "How-to" for the model site
  • Content in Help section of model site

Milestones for Summer 2005:

- by End of June 05:
  • Implement editable manipulatives (Figures 4, 5)
  • Have successfully ported the model site to several different systems.
  • Write an installation script.
  • The model site now distributable to any school with (hopefully) minimal bugs.
- by End of July 05:
  • TBA
- by End of August 05:
  • TBA

Progress & Status