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WME Project Personnel and Collaborators

Shaggy ResearcherProject Personnel with Contact Information

This is a collaborative project involving the Institute for Computational Mathematics (ICM/Kent of Department of Computer Science and Department of Mathematical Sciences), the Department of Teaching, Leadership and Curriculum Studies (College of Education), Kimpton Middle School (Stow Ohio), and Lake Middle School (12001 Market Ave N Hartville, OH 44632 Phone: 330-877-429).

Starting Summer of 2005, the project also involves Visual Communication Design (VCD) experts from the College of Communications at Kent State. Under the guidance of Prof. Sanda Katila, the VCD aspects of WME will become an increasingly important part of our work.

Currently the project includes the following people:

email list server

The email address can be used to reach all project personnel. This makes it convenient for posting messages that all needs to see and for others to send suggestions, ideas, and other feedback to the project.


at ohio state university, columbus ohio

Mr. David Chiu (Department of Computer Science, Ohio State Univ.)

at university of akron, akron ohio

Starting Fall 2005, Na Wu (, Graduate Assistant, Dept. of Educational Foundations & Leadership at the University of Akron joins the WME group.

at sheperd unversity, west virginia

Starting Summer 2005, we are cooperating with Prof. Weidong Liao and his students at Sheperd University, West Virginia.

Chinese Kids Onlineat lanzhou university, lanzhou, china

Starting Fall 2004, we are cooperating with Prof. Lian Li and his group at Lanzhou University, Gangsu, People's Republic of China. The work involves porting WME to a site in Lanzhou U and research on how well WME may work in China and what can be learned about the relocatability, configurability, internationalization, and interoperability of the WME site and the WME components.

For a firsthand look, please visit 蘭州大學 WME@LanzhouU.

  • Prof. Li Lian (李廉教授) (picture)

  • Su Wei (蘇偉) (picture)

  • Guanyu Li

  • Yanjuan Zhao (赵燕娟)

  • Ke Jing (景珂)

  • Zhili Zhao (赵志立)

  • Weizhang (张伟)

  • Yuanting Ge (葛远庭)

at the academia sinica, beijing, china

  • Liu Zhuojun, Professor, MMRC, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
  • Lin Dongdai, Professor, MMRC, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

other collaborators

  • Norbert Kajler, Professor, Ecole des Mines de Paris, Paris, France
  • Keehong Song, Associate Professor, Pusan National University, South Korea (