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WME Software

WME System End-user Documentation

WME Software Components

  • The Mathematics Education Markup Language (MeML)---public dtd loacation
  • Woodpecker---A server-side Page Processor
  • MadMath---An MeML authoring tool
  • experimental WME serivce for fraction computations.
  • experimental WME serivce for plotting straight lines.
  • experimental WME serivce for solving linear equations and plotting lines.
  • A---An experimental WME serivce for simple polynomial computations.
  • B---An experimental WME serivce for polynomial GCD.
  • C---An experimental WME serivce for polynomial factoring.
  • D---An experimental WME serivce for solving linear polynomials in one variable.
  • fraction.mesp---An experimental MESP conforming WME serivce for fractions.

Useful Software for Demo and Downloading

  1. Introducing JSON
  2. JSON in Javascript
  3. Mastering JSON
  4. Javascript Soap Client
  5. You need to install fonts for your Netscape, Mozilla, or Firefox browser to display Math. See these instructions, For IE, you may install MathPlayer to display math. Once you have installed the fonts, test MathML display on your browser by visiting the this page.
  6. To include MathML in a webpage to display, you can follow this example. They work for IE with MathPlayer 2.0 plugin and Mozilla-derived browsers. Note that the page needs to be delivered with the content type of application/xhtml+xml. For more information on MathML see this tutorial at Design Sciences.
  7. XHTML and CSS Tempaltes from Cem---his templates page
  8. WME PDF slide template (Latex)---the template (wmeslide_template.tgz)
  9. Xiao has created this WME site packing and User's Guide

  10. W3C's XSLT stylesheets for MathML, used for Web pages containing MathML.

  11. W3C's Crossbrowser Compound XHTML, SVG, MathML, and XInclude Documents

  12. Xiao has constructed an Infix to MathML converter in Javascript. See this test page for IE.

  13. The Mathematics Education Markup Language (MeML)---public dtd location

  14. Use the latest Firefox (>= 1.5), Mozilla to this file and see how to mix SVG, MathML, and XHTML. Note the file suffix. See also An XHTML + MathML + SVG Profile for code samples and other information. And see the Mozilla SVG Project for native SVG support in Mozilla.

  15. Paul has constructed Infix to MathML converter, CGI in Perl that uses MAXIMA for the conversion.

    See this demo page (for Mozilla, Firefox, and Netscape) or this demo page (for IE with MathPlayer) for live action.

  16. See this demo for dynamically (AJAX) inserting DOM nodes for MathML into an xhtml document for display. And, use the latest Firefox (>= 1.5) to see this demo for obtaining user-selected MathML subexpresions.
  17. Paul has constructed a MathML Content to infix conversion demo: for firefox/mozilla and for IE.
  18. Paul has constructed a SOAP client and server to demo WME related Web services. See the Infix to Mathml Converter demo (php source, php source two), and the SOAP client, the SOAP server.
  19. Client-side MeML processor, the Woodpecker plugin