Scenes from Hiram College CPSC 331 VLSI Class Trip to Silicon Valley
 on Monday 5 May through Sunday 11 May 2003
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Tues 5/6 -- Altera

Stanford University
Gates Bldg (CS)


Packard Bldg (EE)


Amita & Center for Integrated Systems (CIS)

Mike Deal Giving Tour of CIS

Stanford's Main Quad

Memorial Church

Inside Memorial Church

Rodin Sculpture Gardens

Wed 5/7 -- UC Berkeley

Walking Tour

Haas Pavilion

Valley Life Sciences

Main Library

Student Tour Guide

Reading Room


Stage Turning

Sather Tower

Cesar Chavez Student Center

Sather Gate

South Bldg

Sather Tower

Views from Sather Tower -- West








San Francisco

Campanile atop Sather Tower

Berkeley Microfabrication Lab

Putting on Booties, Gloves, and Glassses

Tour by Bill Flounders

Berkeley Wireless Research Center

Presentation by Bryan Richards and Chen Chang

Thu 5/8 -- Synthesis Research Inc.

Tom & Jim Waschura

Fri 5/9 -- Cyrexx

Tom Stern Giving Tour


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