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2010 AT&T US Figure Skating Championships Photos
(Spokane WA)


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Saturday 16 January 2010


Championship Pairs Free Skate

    Best&Young, Tanovich&Chau, Moore&Gaumond, Lepzinski&Burgess

    Vise&Baldwin, Sheikh&VanCleave, Moyle&Pottenger, Castelli&Shnapir

    Dobbs&Jacobsen, Castile&Okolski, McLaughlin&Brubaker, Aaron&Cohen

    Evora&Ladwig, Denney&Barrett, Inoue&Baldwin, Yankowskas&Coughlin

Junior Pairs Short Program

    Gue&li&Woodruff, Denney&Raad, Smith&Bartholomay

    Gibbons&Harris, Chase&Marron, Carman&Reiss, Simpson&Miller

    Donlan&Speroff, Alba&Knierim, Zhang&Toth, Du&Sidorov


Monday 18 January 2010


Novice Ladies Short Program

    Taylor, Keiser, Cain, Calalang, Kono, Kulgeyko

    Timlen, Hicks, Gold, Rajic, Edmunds, Kimmelman

Novice Pairs Free Skate

    Gifford&LeDuc, Sowa&Leenen, Pipkin&Neustadt, Spector&Nolan

    Agster&Civiello, Calalang&O'Shea, Duarte&Grafton, Guterres&Schumann

    Cain&Reagan, Vollmer&Sidhu, Garza&Frazier, Oltmanns&Santillan

Novice Men Free Skate

    Littlefield, Koleto, Tomasello, Dolensky, Omori, Zuckerman

    Kaugars, Savary, Chen, Warren, Wagner, Choate

Junior Pairs Free Skate

    Gueli&Woodruff, Gibbons&Harris, Du&Sidorov

    Donlan&Speroff, Carman&Reiss, Denney&Raad, Chase&Marron

    Simpson&Miller, Zhang&Toth, Smith&Bartholomay, Alba&Knierim


Sunday 17 January 2010


Championship Men Free Skate

    Cassar, Raad, Solonoski, Johnson, Campbell

    Gonzales, Rogers, Steenberg, Pennington, Phan

    Messing, Mroz, Razzano, Wong, Dornbush, Hochstein

    Bradley, Rippon, Mahbanoozadeh, Lysacek, Weir, Abbott

Novice Men Short Program

    Choate, Zuckerman, Kaugars, Dolensky, Savary, Wagner

    Littlefield, Tomasello, Omori, Koleto, Warren, Chen

Novice Pairs Short Program

    Gifford&LeDuc, Sowa&Leenen, Cain&Reagan, Oltmanns&Santillan

    Guterres&Schumann, Duarte&Grafton, Pipkin&Neustadt, Agster&Civiello

    Spector&Nolan, Garza&Frazier, Calalang&O'Shea, Vollmer&Sidhu

Junior Men Free Skate

    Yang, Fournier, Caluza, Aiken, Rabbitt, Zahradnicek

    Kanallakan, Brown, Dion, Dyer, Farris, Aaron



Unfortunately, that’s all we saw of the event with this year’s two-weekend schedule.


We traveled Friday, saw events Saturday through Monday, and traveled Tuesday.

Staying through the second weekend would have meant missing 2+5 days of work – way too much!


We’re definitely looking forward to a return of the “normal” schedule next year!

Most of these are low-resolution photos that have not been edited, sharpened, or otherwise cleaned up other than cropping.  If a skater would like nicer copies of some of the full-sized originals for their personal (non-commercial) use according to the terms of my Photo Use Policy above, please contact me directly by email.