Photo Use Policy 
For All Photos Posted on the Bob Walker's Photo Album Web Pages


This photo use policy applies to all photos posted by Robert A. Walker on the Bob Walker's Photo Album web pages, unless otherwise indicated.  All photos on these pages are Copyright Robert A. Walker.

With the exception of photos taken at the US Figure Skating Championships, most of these photos are available for commercial use, with rates and credit subject to negotiation.  Email a specific proposal to me at, describing your plans, and we can negotiate.

Copies of my photos may be made for personal use (desktop wallpaper, etc.), but the photos may not be altered, published or redistributed in any way without my permission.

If you want to use any of my photos on your web site, ask me by sending email to, including the URL of your site in the request.  For personal web sites, permission will generally be given as long as the photos are used in a tasteful way, and the photo is properly credited and has a link to either my Photo Album or the specific page containing the photo, as follows:

        <img src="photo268.jpg" align=bottom>
        <br><a href="">
        <font size=-1><i>Copyright &copy; Robert A. Walker</i></font></a>

This code produces something like this: 

Copyright Robert A. Walker

Thanks to Cat's Lair; this personal use policy is based on a similar policy described on their web site at