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Neighboring State Analysis for Covid-19 Cases

Computer Science Department

Kent State University


Project Description

Coronavirus has claimed millions of lives across the globe, since its widespread emergence in 2020. CDC COVID-19 Spatio-Temporal dataset for state cases was used to find correlations between states overtime. Can the analysis of COVID-19 trends and relations between neighboring states help predict the spread and prevent the loss of lives? In this project, we measured the correlation of the trends between neighboring states and created dynamic visualizations to show the strengths of the connections between states over time. With the help of these relationships, the spread of COVID-19 can be analyzed and predicted from one state to another.


Plotly Dash interface is used to visualize correlation of COVID-19 cases compared between neighboring states in order to find trends to help predict the spread of COVID-19. Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Annually, and total windows are analyzed. Cytoscape is used to create a network graph over time of nodes (states) and edges (correlation). This project was for Choose Ohio First and was presented on April 10th, 2022.



o   Used Python to identify trends of cases per state

o   A graph was created to visualize the states and connections to their neighbors.

o   States visualized spatially with the percent change in cases displayed as a color

o   Correlation value displayed as a colored node to display a positive or negative change.

o   Correlation strength displayed as edge thickness

o   Animated temporal graph created for different time frames



Data Sets: CDC (

Source Code: GitHub (


Video Presentation:


Visualization Demo


Correlations in June 2020

Correlations in June 2021










West Virginia 






Table 1: Case Study: Pearson's Correlation Coefficients Between Neighboring States and Ohio




Group Members

Brandon Cossin

Computer Science major class of 2022 with interest in data science and full stack development.



Troy Toth



Dr. Xiang Lian (Advisor)




Last Modified: 4/28/2022